Use Only One Link to Get More Conversions: Unbounce Study

We closely track our conversion metrics and numbers here at Grow, and they occupy a prominent place on our BI dashboard.

If you are trying to increase your conversion numbers, the first thing we all do as marketers is to pump more traffic to the page.

If you have a 5% conversion rate, putting 100 more people on the page should generate 5 more conversions. More traffic is great. But it costs. You pay for the ads, or you pay the painstaking process of produce new content, or pay in time and effort to claw your way up the search rankings.

What if you could double your conversion rate without having to pay?

Unbounce has over 10,000 customers building landing pages and they have identified a bunch of principles for a high-converting campaign.

You can sign up for email series on Unbounce’s website.

One of the most important action items for increasing your conversion rate is to have one goal per campaign.

Any links or buttons that aren’t your conversion goal are distractions from that goal. They’re opportunities to lose the conversion.

Unbounce has gathered data from more than 20,000 landing pages to see the correlation between # of links on the page vs. conversion rate. They found that generally, the fewer links on the landing page, the higher conversion rate marketers see.



Action item: Make an AB test of a landing page you are currently sending data to, and remove all the links except for the one thing you want them to do.

See if your conversion goes like this:

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