Dreamforce Trends: 10 Quotes From Dreamforce Keynote Speakers

Dreamforce starts in 11 days and conference goers can expect to hear from some of the best business and tech minds in the industry. We’ve compiled 10 quotes from the Dreamforce keynote speaker list on topics from data and artificial intelligence to leadership and philanthropy. Enjoy your Dreamforce preview!

On Data

1. “We need a new generation of executives who understand how to manage and lead through data.” – Marc Benioff, CEO and Founder of Salesforce

2. “It’s not just reports or dashboards. It’s live data. That means I can ask a natural-language question, get a response, do a rich visualization, and then share back. That, I think, is what I referenced before as data culture. Just because you have big data doesn’t mean you have insights or a better ability to pass judgment. So you’ve got to have this data culture. What does that mean? You are only going to have a data culture if you have the right kinds of tools.” – Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

On Artificial Intelligence

3. “The rapid acceleration of technological development is giving us tools and machines that can do many of the things humans do, and do them much better in many cases.” – Andrew McAfee, author

4. “The technologies I am most excited about are those that combine what humans do best with what machines do best.” – Andrew McAfee, author

On Entrepreneurism

5. “All the rules that we have set, all the rules about how fast we can build a brand, all the rules about who we can raise money from, all the rules about how many people we can hire or not hire, how fast you can go in terms of research and development, every single rule that you think exists, is probably wrong and was probably created by people no smarter than you and no smarter than me. We can look at all those rules and totally ignore them and do whatever we want. We can build a brand in six months. We can have 70 million people hearing about us in a day as we did yesterday. We can sell four times the amount of product than an individual Whole Foods, than the the next closest competitor, not because we look at what the existing date is, or the existing constructs of how fast you can sell something, we can create our own rules. Pretend as if there are no rules and then what would you do?” – Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek

6. On starting out: “I would be less fearful in general. Now I can see it, but in the beginning I don’t think I knew that I was inhibiting my own growth or the company’s growth because of fear – fear of failure, fear of mistakes, general fear. It’s honestly one of the biggest blockers in humanity and if you can elevate yourself out of being driven by fear, it’s so incredibly life-changing and transformative.” – Julia Hartz, Co-Founder and President of Eventbrite

7. “As long as you’re a go-getter and you like working, the sky’s the limit.” – George Zimmer, CEO of zTailors

On Leadership

8. “When a leader is willingly vulnerable and exposes his or her humanity, they create a culture in which employees willingly contribute their own humanity, offering up capacities for collaboration, communication and passion. Humility is the opposite of weakness.” – Dov Seidman, author and CEO, LRN

On Philanthropy

9. Tech “has a history of stinginess and does not have a good history of giving back… What are you doing philanthropically with your company? What are you doing personally with philanthropy?” – Marc Benioff, CEO and Founder of Salesforce

10. “I created The Honest Company to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start.” – Jessica Alba, CEO of The Honest Company (The Honest Company is now worth $1.7 billion)

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