2016 Year in Review

January 2, 2017

2016 was a whirlwind at Grow, and we are so grateful to have you with us as part of the Grow family! We also want to reflect on some of the great things that happened at Grow in 2016, and give you a sneak peek of what is coming next!

Top 5 Wins of 2016

  1. Built 67 new integrations that you requested, bringing us to over 120 current native integrations.
  2. Delivered 8x faster dashboard performance with powerful new technology.
  3. Reduced the need for SQL by introducing new point-and-click metric editing features: Pivot Tables, Column Functions, Grouping, and Filtering.
  4. Added new visualizations and chart types: 100% Stacked, Line + Column, Line + Bar, Bubble, Radar, and HTML.
  5. Started our Partnership Program, which will provide better connections to the apps you love most, and an overall stronger platform.

Coming Soon

We are hard at work on amazing new features for 2017. Here are a few things to look forward to:


Getting the answers and info you need to make decisions quickly is key to Grow. In 2017, we are creating an experience to allow you to ask and answer questions about your company without building a new metric. This includes:

  • Unlimited Filtering – focus on what you need
  • Drill down to details – get specific
  • Segment your data – target areas you care about


In addition to analyzing on the front, we are creating a new metric building experience as well. This will make it faster and easier to build metrics, which will allow more of your team to ask and answer important questions.

How We Got Here

It’s been an exciting year at Grow, but we wouldn’t be here without our amazing customers, so thank you again! After acquiring Series A funding in July and quadrupling the size of our team, we’re more dedicated than ever to delivering the best possible Grow experience.

We are so happy to be kicking off 2017 knowing that you are with us, and we can’t wait to celebrate more successes with you in the new year! If you have any feedback, just hit reply to this email. We read every one.

Sending warm holiday wishes to you,

Rob Nelson (CEO) & The Grow Team

P.S. Don’t use Grow yet? We would love to chat. https://www.grow.com/request-a-trial

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