9 Ecommerce Metrics You Need to Grow your Business

There is a formula to success in ecommerce: With so many moving pieces, it’s essential for ecommerce business leaders to stay focused on the right metrics.

The Grow team studied the KPIs that can influence the success of an ecommerce brand and found nine metrics have the most significant effect on revenue growth and website performance.

The nine metrics we cover in our ebook are not only critical to revenue growth, but they are actually within the influence of the leadership team and company.

Download our ebook today to learn the top nine metrics you need to focus on to grow your ecommerce business.

With research and examples from successful ecommerce brands and influencers like Target, The Honest Company, Macy’s, Jet, Slack, Neil Patel, Oak Street Bookmakers, and Wharton professor David R. Bell, you’ll not only discover the metrics you need to focus on—but also how to apply them.

The data that your ecommerce company focuses on determines your business performance. If you monitor the right metrics, that awareness turns into meaningful insight, strategic decisions, and revenue growth.


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