Dreamforce Highlights: The Grow Team Goes To San Francisco

Dreamforce was pretty dreamy for the Grow team. We brought our dashboards to San Francisco, ate amazing Chinese food, and climbed all of the hills in the entire city. What more could you ask for?

Ten things we learned at Dreamforce:

1. The Grow BI dashboards love selfies. The dashboards made many new friends and got a lot of attention in Moscone West. The dashboards have never been in so many selfies!


2. Our dashboards love being center of attention so much that they even showed up to Rob’s presentation. It’s okay, we’re learning that our dashboards are total divas.


3. Nintendo is bigger at Dreamforce. Just slightly.


4. Uber is classy. #BestDressedAtDreamforce


5. Climbing all of the hills in San Francisco is the best team bonding activity after standing at the booth for 10 hours. 🙂


6. Yes, we know what you are thinking. Models. Not only are our dashboards beautiful, but we are too.


7. Qualtrics scooters are actually a better way to conquer the hills of San Francisco. #matching


8. Never underestimate the power of human fish. This fish at the booth next to ours had the most energy of any human fish ever.


9. Brandon Flowers was amazing.


10. The end of Dreamforce. The Grow team texting, the dashboards napping 🙂


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