GlobalWide Media Chooses Grow as BI Solution

GlobalWide Media, a data-driven marketing leader based in Los Angeles, needed a powerful BI solution to power their executive and sales analytics. With high-performing campaigns in over 100 countries, fast analytics are essential to managing global and regional marketing strategies.

“Grow is powerful and so fast. Our reports are up and running and updating all the time. It makes us think—what other metrics can we add to our dashboards?”

Automatic Data for Sales Team

“Before Grow, people on our sales team didn’t really know what was going on with their monthly performance metrics,” said Steven Easton, Senior Manager of Sales Operations for GlobalWide Media.

“If anything, the sales team would run reports on their own. Our VP of Sales needed a way to measure performance of each sales rep and motivate the team. We also wanted manager dashboards to analyze trends with our key data. With our Grow dashboards, you can see how everyone is doing all the time. Our sales team has all kinds of goals. You can even see who the leaders are and how much of the goals the team has met.”

Quick Insight, Quality Metrics

“We built a manager’s dashboard with a lot of detailed metrics—like how our top clients are doing, how the company is doing as a whole, how we are doing by region. We also measure changes from the day before—which accounts grew and which accounts shrunk—so we know what we need to look into. We now have 15 reports that are instantly populating on our Grow dashboards, and if people had to run those, that would take forever.”

Simple Set-Up

“It was a piece of cake—very simple. We integrated MySQL and HP Vertica. Grow didn’t support Vertica at the time, but they built it for us.”

If you’d like to try Grow’s fast analytics and business intelligence dashboards, request a demo here.


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