Grow is Shopify Plus Certified—Now Go Build an eCommerce Dashboard

If you’re operating a Shopify Plus eCommerce store with increasing volume and growth, and you want to gleam more insights from your data—including sales, marketing, supply chain, billing, and product—it’s time for you to check out the Grow Data Navigation Platform.

We’re excited to announce that our platform is now a Shopify Plus Certified App. This means more in-depth reporting on every piece of data in your Shopify portal, so you can see (and know) what’s happening and why.

Need an example? Check out this eCommerce dashboard built with Shopify data:

ecommerce dashboard shopify

We like Shopify so much, we even run our own swag store off the platform. (We’ll give you a free shirt or two if you complete a demo with us!)

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What does it mean to be a Shopify Plus Certified App?

It means the Grow Data Navigation Platform has exceeded standards in a number of areas, including performance, product usefulness, privacy protection, and customer support. 

In other words, we’ve put in the work to be the type of partner Shopify is proud to promote to its most-valued customers. 

Among other requirements, we’ve proven our value to the community, as the certification program requires at least a 4-star rating after a minimum of ten reviews. We’ve also had to prove a commitment to speedy support (including 30-minutes or less for priority customers), as well as pass a third-party data security assessment.

What does it mean for you?

Shopify’s default reporting provides a good baseline to show you the basics of what’s happening in your shop. But it can’t provide the answers you need as to why certain things are happening and what’s really driving your business.  

That’s where Grow comes in. 

For example, Shopify enables you to build a basic “Sales Over Time” report, showing you the number of sales over a defined period. Grow will enable you to layer in more details, such as where those customers are coming from, what categories are most popular, or Customer Lifetime Value, and other metrics that help you comprehend events on a deeper level.

Grow metrics & dashboards enable you to build metrics from all that data accrued in your account from day one. You can combine Shopify data with data from other sources, such as your CRM and marketing automation platform. Then easily share metrics and insights company-wide through Slack or automated emails.

The possibilities of eCommerce data mashed up with are endless, but imagine being able to build data visualizations of eCommerce cohorts such as:

  • Sales and refunds with net revenue in a single metric
  • Advertising channels that bring in the most sales and repeat buyers
  • Customer lifespan and customer lifetime value

If it’s worth measuring, you can do it with Grow Data Navigation. And thanks to our new partnership with Shopify, you can have even more confidence that you’re going to get the best experience possible.

Click here to read the official Shopify Plus Partner announcement. Then click here to start your Grow free trial.

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