Grow Partners with MindBody to Help Wellness Professionals Unleash the Power of Data

pasted image 0As a health, wellness, or beauty services provider, you know the challenge of organizing staff schedules, tracking customer records, managing client bookings, sending appointment reminders, accepting payments, attracting new business, and more. Sometimes, managing all these moving pieces can distract from the reason you got into business in the first place.

MindBody is designed to help small business owners like you get the time they need to do what they love through the power of technology. Using the MindBody platform, tens of thousands of health, wellness, and beauty professionals can stay connected to the millions of clients they serve. In addition to an easy-to-use client-facing app, MindBody helps businesses streamline internal operations by uniting many of the tools that wellness professionals use to reach their goals.

At Grow, we believe that business leaders make stronger decisions and have better insights when they have access to the right metrics. That’s why we’re excited to partner with MindBody to unleash the power of data for business owners and leaders in the health, wellness, and beauty services industries.

Grow allows you to see your MindBody data in an innovative and impactful way. With Grow, you can easily answer questions like, What’s our most popular location? What is our average class size? How much revenue do we generate per class? or How many payments do we receive daily?

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Grow automatically refreshes to show the most current data available, so you always know you’re up-to-date. You can even display data from MindBody alongside data from other apps and tools like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Quickbooks, and many more.

You didn’t get into business to spend hours compiling complicated reports. With Grow, the reporting is automatic, so you can spend less time digging into numbers and more time acting on strategies and achieving your goals. Grow gives you and your team more freedom to lead, better information to make decisions, and clearer visualizations to understand and discuss your data.

Together, Grow and MindBody are giving wellness professionals more power to accelerate growth through data!

See how Grow helps you get more from your MindBody data.

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