Grow is a 2016 Lean Startup Week Sponsor!

This fall, Grow is sponsoring the
2016 Lean Startup Week conference held in San Francisco, CA, from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6. The seven-day event will feature training in lean startup methodology, in-depth workshops, networking opportunities, mentoring sessions, and of course, an inspiring lineup of speakers from large enterprises and growing startups worldwide.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

In the eight years since Eric Ries first coined the term “lean startup,” budding and established companies have changed their approach to innovation and product development, and become radically more successful as a result. The principles of a lean startup help business leaders to take smarter risks, make more strategic decisions, and manage teams more effectively.

At Grow, we love the lean startup principles, and we’re excited to support the Lean Startup Company in their goal of empowering entrepreneurs, innovators, and other business leaders to learn new skills, share ideas, solve challenges, and ignite sustainable growth through the Lean Startup Conference.

Lean Startup Metrics

You need to be able to use metrics for validated learning and a good build-measure-learn cycle. But do you know which metrics matter to a lean startup? Ries recommends Startup Metrics for Pirates as required reading for any startup with an online service component, and “Success Metrics for Lean Startups and New Products” from Pivotal is another excellent resource for selecting your most important metrics to measure.

Already running a lean startup and want help getting your metrics in front of your team on a BI dashboard? We would love to talk to you.

Hope to see you in San Francisco in November!

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