New Features Launch Tomorrow!

Our engineering team has been hard at work, and they have two awesome new features that you all have been asking for.

Analyze your data without SQL

Users love how customizable and powerful Grow is, but many of you have asked for ways to analyze your data that are less technical. Now you can filter, group, sum, and trim without knowing any SQL. We will be creating a full set of videos and tutorials around these new features. If you have any questions while trying them out, just shoot an email to or chat in on the site.

New permission controls

More specific control over various permissions can now be granted on a per user basis. Instead of just a ‘Viewer’ or a ‘User’ you can now set who can export data, move and resize metrics, manage company info and more.

One note, these improvements and updates require a refreshed login due to the new permissions. The refresh will happen automatically in most cases, you will just login again. Only dashboards displayed in full screen mode require your attention. It is just two steps.

  • Step 1. Exit full screen mode by clicking the exit button in the top right hand corner.
  • Step 2. Refresh the page (Cmd-R, Ctrl-R or just click the browser refresh button). You will type in your password again, and you are done!

Have a feature you want to see? Or have any questions or problems? Shoot us an email at

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