Save Time and Empower Your Team with These 3 Product Updates

For data analysts, huge chunks of time are being stolen by data preparation. We’re changing that by delivering a full stack of new features and tools that will not only give analysts their time back, but also help them empower their teams to build their own dashboards and track the KPIs that will lead the company to success. 

Datasets Deliver Time Savings

Datasets let analysts give team members the power to find insights on their own with confidence. Instead of preparing data with a single metric in mind, analysts can now prepare a Dataset for a broad spectrum of reporting needs and distribute it to stakeholders. This lets individual contributors build their own metrics whenever needed and have complete confidence in the data. 

For teams that may not have a committed analyst, Dataset Playbooks are also available in the Grow Platform. These Playbooks have pre-set transforms that, once a data source is authorized, organize the data so it’s ready to use for a variety of metrics.

Customize Built Metrics Using the Data Explorer

Now that Datasets allow you to prepare data for a broad spectrum of metrics, you need a tool that will help you get into the details of your data. That’s where our Data Explorer tool comes in. It allows you to take a broad set of data and customize it into a metric that will fit various timeframes for each team! Follow these three easy steps when creating a new metric: 

  1. Select your timeframe
  2. Pick your time intervals
  3. Determine your data grouping

A Smart Builder with Smart Insights

We know that as a growing company, you need answers as quickly and easily as possible. Meet our Smart Builder: complete with separated workspaces and toolkits for data prep and charting. We’re also launching Smart Assumptions with assumed key values. When charting your data, the Smart Builder will automatically find and pick the first time series and use it as your x-axis and then calculate a suggested key value based off of a current month-to-date and last month-to-date comparison. 

We can’t wait for you to give these new features a test drive. Don’t forget to tag us @GoGrow on Twitter to let us know how much you’re loving them!

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