Webinar Recap: 4 Favorite Grow Features You Need to Be Using

Our data consultants have worked with hundreds of clients. During that time, we’ve noticed that four powerful Grow features are often overlooked:

1. Key & Comparison Values (1:06)

With key and comparison values, you can quickly identify the things you need to accomplish to achieve your goals.

2. Goal Lines (9:21)

You can use goal lines to drive competition among teams and keep everyone united and focused on the same goal.

3. Joining Reports (11:56)

Joined reports allow you to mash up or blend data from multiple sources, so you can easily compare data, even if it doesn’t all come from the same app or spreadsheet.

4. Share URLs (17:34)

There are many ways to share Grow metrics with others—add a new user, set up automated reports, display the dashboard on a TV, or share a quick URL.

In this webinar, Grow data consultant Angela Carmack covers each of these four features in detail and shows you how to build them in the Grow platform.  

If you are a Grow user who wants to get more value out of Grow, or are just curious to learn more about what Grow can do for your business, click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

Visit grow.com/webinars to view other on-demand webinars or sign up for upcoming live webinars!

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