Customer Story: USEED

USEED partners with educational institutions to tell their stories and raise support for their meaningful causes through digital fundraising and marketing. Since their founding in 2011, USEED has raised more than $4 million from over 33,000 donors in 423 campaigns. That’s a lot of textbooks.

Matt Racz
Co-founder and COO
Crowdfunding Advisor

Company: USEED
Why Grow?
・Enhanced reporting
・Differentiator against competitors
・Don’t have to code
・Sharing with customers

“Both HubSpot and Grow are incredible companies that we rely on every single day, both internally as well as externally with our customers and end users. HubSpot enables us to build robust pipelines across our Growth and Customer Success teams, which we’ve designed our workflows around, and Grow enables us to create custom reporting engines on areas we never thought possible. Through these two resources, my team is much more empowered to develop agile solutions that are reliable, effective, and competitive.”

What business questions are you answering with the Grow + Hubspot integration?

Originally, we used Grow to manage our customer success reporting, while we used Hubspot for sales, marketing, and campaign management. Because Hubspot allows us to track pipeline on a per-customer basis for each of these schools, it was a great first solution for us to manage the various programs.

Eventually, however, we were seeing so much success with our CS reporting that we decided to start using Grow to enhance our Hubspot reporting. This has allowed us to build out a more transparent view into the status and outcomes of each campaign.

Has the Grow + Hubspot integration helped you streamline and automate your Hubspot reporting?

The big benefit to me with the Grow + Hubspot integration is that I can communicate not only aggregate view, but also create customer-specific dashboards to share with them. This is a huge differentiator for us against our competitors. We have 21 dashboards for each customer that we send once every week that are primarily composed of Hubspot data.

Has the Grow + Hubspot integration helped you get analytics and insights with your Hubspot data that you’re not getting with the native Hubspot reporting?

Grow gives us much more powerful analytics with aggregate scores and things like that that we can’t do with Hubspot, and it allows me to take ownership of our reporting and have a reporting framework in place.

Grow lets me ask questions and experiment without having to code, which helps me explain things to our development, CS, and other business units.

Do you blend your Hubspot data with any other data? If so, what are some of the other data sources?

Right now, we primarily use Grow for our Hubspot and Google Sheets data, but we are looking to expand Grow to add social, financial, and other internal business data in our company. We’re really excited to get cross- department analytics going on.

Would you recommend Grow to other Hubspot users?

We’ve been very happy with Grow. The technology is phenomenal. I’m really excited to get more of our company on board. We love it for its sharing ability with our customers and for internal use with our own analytics.