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Grow is simple business intelligence (BI) created specifically for growing companies. We are making BI accessible and affordable so that anyone can get answers unique to their business.

The Grow story.

Historically, business intelligence (BI) has been reserved for big businesses with big budgets and access to unlimited resources. Meanwhile, growing companies like you have been left to hack together a reporting process or use oversimplified dashboard tools that can’t deliver the unique insights you need.

That’s why in 2014, Rob Nelson founded Grow as the only BI solution for growth-focused companies and the specific challenges you face.

Rob understood that what really helps businesses like yours disrupt the market is getting the best data in front of the right people at the right time. But many agile businesses don’t have the budget to hire analysts or time to create reports when you need to make a decision. 

This is where Grow helps.

With 140+ data connections you can blend all of your data for true insights. Don’t worry about having time to build reports, Dataset Playbooks remove the need clean and prep data. Use TV Mode and the Grow app to monitor live metrics so you’re always making the best decisions. 

Grow is so much more than canned dashboards. It’s business intelligence simplified, and has already helped thousands of customers like you reach new goals. 

With Grow, you can win with data.

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We're on a mission to help growing companies win with their data.

No matter how you define it, Grow is here to help. Our mission is to make business intelligence (BI) attainable and scalable so that growing companies can use data to their advantage and tackle their biggest, hairiest, and most audacious goals.

"The customer support is great! The people at Grow are really helpful. Having a team that can assist you means a lot. They are really looking out for your success."
Kristopher K. | Senior Director in Finance

Powering thousands of growing companies.

Grow and Homie
Grow and Molekule
Grow and Onewheel
Grow and Homie
Grow and Molekule
Grow and Onewheel
Grow and Homie
Grow and Molekule
Grow and Onewheel
Grow and Homie
Grow and Molekule
Grow and Onewheel

Backed by the best investors in BI.

We've partnered with data-centric investors to help accelerate our delivery of simple BI to the most underserved, growth companies.

Grow and Toba Capital
Grow and Peterson Ventures
Grow and Pelion Venture Partners
Grow and Hubspot
Grow and Kickstart Seed Fund

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Grow and Yahoo Finance
“Grow's unique offering is made for the non-analyst, is ridiculously simple to use, and includes access to a team of data analysts dedicated to client success.”
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Grow and Forbes
“Grow.com can help everyone align on the goals and focus on what is most important.”
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Grow and Business.com
"[Grow has] been absolutely essential for the management team in keeping track of sales, inventory, marketing, spend efficiency and other key metrics."
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Grow and Wall Street Journal
“Grow pulls together data[...]and lets it be manipulated and visualized so businesses can get faster insight into what’s going on.”
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