Clinical Effectiveness Dashboard

Teams That Use This Dashboard


What Is Measured

  • Social Support Results
  • PTSD Results/Coping Correlation
  • WHO-5 Retreat Stage Comparison
  • Effect of Online Class on PTSD Results
  • License & Training Budget YTD
  • Educational Results
  • Age Distribution of Respondents
  • License and Training Budget
  • Cost Per Retreat Participant

How It Helps Growth

  • Continue Client Outreach
  • Improve Donor Funding
  • Create More Impactful Services
The Need to Keep Improving

The Need to Keep Improving

As focused as The Younique Foundation is on bringing resources to sexual abuse survivors, they are just as committed to continuing their outreach for the long haul. Instead of simply monitoring clients' needs before the retreat, The Younique Foundation aims to continue improving the lives of these women after the retreat to ensure their program is as powerful and helpful as possible. To accomplish this goal, they use a variety of metrics to analyze their effectiveness, all housed on their Clinical Services Dashboard.

How The Younique Foundation Built Their Clinical Services Dashboard

The Younique Foundation focuses on understanding the needs of their participants before, during, and after the retreat. In addition to listening to feedback from survivors during the retreat, they also analyze the real-life progress of participants afterwards, which helps them shape future events. From tracking survivors' reports about their own PTSD scores to analyzing the effects of online resources for participants, they've developed real-time metrics that give their event planners, executive team, and philanthropy experts the tools they need to make a difference.

How The Younique Foundation Built Their Clinical Services Dashboard
How The Younique Foundation Uses Their Clinical Services Dashboard

How The Younique Foundation Uses Their Clinical Services Dashboard

Through data generated from participant feedback, The Younique Foundation uses their Clinical Services Dashboard to help them to create more action-focused, impactful events at their retreats. For instance, by evaluating information given by respondents who took the online class on PTSD, they were able to determine whether or not courses on PTSD given at the retreat were effective at helping survivors cope effectively through their recovery.

Following the age of their respondents has also helped The Younique Foundation’s clinical services team understand the demographics of the groups they will be working with, making events more fun and enjoyable for participants. Additionally, being able to track PTSD scores for six months following the retreat makes it easier for the executive team and event planners to know if they are really making a difference in the long run.

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