Basecamp 2

Basecamp 2’s project management solution helps you keep people on the same page, organize and share information, and make decisions more effectively. With Grow, you can visualize and analyze your Basecamp 2 data to understand how your team is working together, where you can improve, and how you can lead your company to success.

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  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
Basecamp dashboard

Questions You Can Answer With
Basecamp 2 + Grow

How many tasks have been completed this week for each of our active projects?

Which projects have required the most resources in terms of logged hours?

How many upcoming tasks are due this week for each team?

What groups and teams have logged the most hours this week compared to last week?

Which projects are currently highest priority?

What was our on-time percentage for tasks and projects over the past six months?

Reports and Data Available From Basecamp 2

Basecamp 2 has a robust connection with a large number of available reports. Below is a list of the more popular access points. The overview article at the bottom of this page has a complete list of accessible Basecamp 2 reports.

Calendars: All calendars sorted alphabetically, including ID, name, updated date, color, URL, and app URL.

Documents: All documents in their most recent state, including ID, title, private, trashed, created date, updated date, URL, app URL, bucket type, bucket ID, bucket name, etc.

Forwards: All forwards in all projects, including ID, subject, from, created date, updated date, private, trashed, URL, app URL, bucket details, etc.

Groups: All groups, including ID, name, created date, updated date, and person IDs.

People: All people on the account, including ID, name, email, admin, created date, updated date, trashed, identity, ID, can create projects, etc.

Projects (Active): All active projects, including ID, name, description, archived, is client project, created date, updated date, trashed, color, draft, template, last event at, starred, etc.

To-Dos: All completed and remaining to-dos, including ID, list ID, list name position, completed, created date, updated date, comments count, private, trashed, due date, creator ID, creator name, assignee ID, assignee type, assignee name, description, list remaining count, list completed count, project ID, project name, completed date, completer ID, completer name, etc.

To-Do Lists (Active): All active to-do lists, including ID, name, description, created date, updated date, completed, position, private, trashed, remaining count, completed count, creator ID, creator name, bucket name, etc.

Example Metrics From Basecamp 2

  • Current Overdue Tasks by Team and Project
  • Hours Logged by Project – Past 30 Days
  • Current Completed and Open Tasks by Project
  • Upcoming Task Due Dates by Team – Next Week
  • Hours Logged by Team – Current WTD vs. Last Week
  • List of Projects by Priority Level
  • % On-Time Completion per Task and Project – Past Six Months
  • % On-Time Completion per Task by Rep – Past 30 Days