File Upload

You may have files with data you want to visualize stored on your computer. You can upload these files to Grow and use the platform to create visualizations, just as you would with data from any other data source.

That said, we don’t recommend that you rely on file uploads because they are static uploads, which means the data won’t update in Grow until you re-upload the file. Using a file storage platform such as Google Spreadsheets, Box, Dropbox, FTP, OneDrive, etc., will be a better solution in the long run because Grow will automatically refresh the connection, allowing your data to be dynamic and stay updated with any changes you make to the original files.

If you do choose to do a static file upload, please be aware that Grow file size limits are currently set to 15MB per file. For most customers, this won’t be an issue as the majority of Excel files are under 5MB. However, if you have a file larger than 15MB that you would like to upload, please email or chat in on the site and we can enable your account to upload files up to 50MB.