Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center helps merchants promote their products to millions of shoppers with Google Shopping campaigns, dynamic remarketing ads, and local inventory ads. Grow helps you track your Google Merchant Center data alongside your other key metrics in real-time, so you can make intelligent inventory, quality control, and promotional decisions for your business.

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google merchant center dashboard

Questions You Can Answer With
Google Merchant Center + Grow

What is our total revenue this month as compared to last month?

What are our sales by product category this quarter?

Which specific products currently have critical quality issues?

How quickly have we responded to demand for new products (pre-orders) this year?

Which products have expiration dates approaching over the next week?

How many products have been marked out-of-stock this week?

Reports and Data Available From Google Merchant Center

List Products: All products listed in the Merchant Center account, including ID, title, description, channel, age group, availability, brand, condition, gender, product category, price, currency, product type, shipping price, shipping currency, shipping country, sizes, taxes rate, taxes country, custom attribute fields, etc.

List Product Statuses: Current status assignments for all products listed in the Merchant Center account, including product ID, title, destination status, intention status, approval status, data quality issues ID, DQI severity, DQI timestamp, DQI location, created date, updated date, expiration date, etc.

Example Metrics From Google Merchant Center

google merchant center dashboard
  • Total Sales Revenue – MTD vs. Last Month
  • Sales by Month – Current Fiscal Year
  • Sales by Product Category – Current Quarter
  • Current List of Products with Critical Quality Issues and Suggestions
  • Percentage of Product Catalog with Quality Issues This Month by Severity
  • Pre-Order Shipments vs. Out-of-Stocks – Current Year
  • List of Upcoming Expiration Dates – Next Full Week
  • Count of Out-of-Stocks – Current Week vs. Yearly Average