Insightly’s powerful CRM is simple and affordable enough for small businesses to effectively manage lifelong customer relationships, while also providing the robust capabilities and flexibility required by enterprise companies. With Grow, you can visualize, analyze, and track critical data from Insightly all in one place, helping you better to grasp customer needs and enabling your sales and support teams to make agile, strategic decisions for your business.

Get More with Grow — Your Insightly Reporting Tool

  • Gain powerful insights when you add Insightly to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
  • Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from Insightly alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
insightly dashboard

J.W. Davies
Davies + Allen CPA Firm

“Integrating Insightly with Grow has saved many hours of administration time entering opportunity data into a spreadsheet for growth tracking. We can now see live results in our Grow dashboard about our opportunities without having our admin team lift a finger.”

Questions You Can Answer With
Insightly + Grow

What is our opportunity closed/won rate for the current month compared to last month?

How much total value has each rep closed this week?

What is the average value of leads from each lead source?

Which sales rep has closed the most deals for the highest value each month this year?

How many total weekly leads have we converted so far this quarter?

What is the average time it takes us to close and win a lead this year?

Reports and Data Available From Insightly

Contacts: All contacts, including contact ID, salutation, name, address, background, image, created date, updated date, owner name, visible to, object tags, custom fields, etc.

Leads: All leads, including lead ID, salutation, title, name, organization, phone, mobile, email, URL, created date, converted, opportunity ID, visible to, industry, employee count, lead rating and description, lead owner name, lead status, lead source, etc.

Opportunities: All opportunities, including opportunity ID and name, probability, bid amount and type, close date, opportunity state, created date, visible to, custom fields, opportunity owner ID and name, category, pipeline, stage, etc.

Organization: All organizations, including organization ID and name, created date, visible to, visibility details, address details, owner name, custom fields, etc.

Note: Custom fields are defined in Insightly by the account admin.

Example Metrics From Insightly

insightly dashboard
  • Opportunities Closed/Won – Current MTD vs. Last Month
  • Conversion Rate vs. Closed/Won Rate – Past 60 Days
  • Total Deal Value Closed/Won by Rep Team – Current Week
  • Average Revenue per Lead by Lead Source
  • Monthly Number of Deals vs. Total Deal Value by Rep – Current Year
  • Weekly Total Leads Converted – Current Quarter
  • Average Time to Convert vs. Time to Close/Won – Current Year
  • Total Wins by Team – All Time