Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo is a human resources software that enables companies to easily recruit, develop, and retain top talent with an engaging, social, and data-rich talent management suite. With Grow, you can visualize, analyze, and track your Oracle Taleo data and display it in naturally beautiful dashboards that communicate success throughout your organization.

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  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
taleo dashboard

Questions You Can Answer With
Oracle Taleo + Grow

How many positions have we successfully filled each month this year?

Which positions are currently open and pending a new hire?

What is the quality of hire we’re getting from each source?

How quickly are we filling vacant positions so far this year?

What is our monthly turnover rate over the last 12 months?

What’s the Voluntary Turnover Rate?

Reports and Data Available From Oracle Taleo

Accounts: All recruiting and staffing support organizations, including name, owners, creation date, location, description, contact info, account ID, industry, last updated, parent ID, zip code, relationship URLs contact log, history log, etc.

Candidates: All candidate files submitted for review, including name, years exp, ADP employee ID, accepted offer PDF, accepted offer ID, account number, creation date, additional languages, referred by ID, agent contact info, current salary, individual with disability, start status, classification, country of birth, resume text, date of birth, candidate contact, electronic payslip, employment type, ending date, high edu, hire date, hired for department, hired for req ID, location, title, in status date, interview score, job level, last degree obtained, passport number, CWS password, pay component, pay group, pay scale group, payment method, payroll ID, salary expectations, start date, position, tax status, relationship URLs, etc.

Employees: All employee data, including employee ID, creation date, areas of expertise, career ambitions, location, critical experience, position, date of birth, department, desired advancement, development path, division, email, employee number, active status, is review mgr, name, flight risk, hired date, hourly wage, job code, title, last day date, manager, contact info, pay range, pay frequency, promotion readiness, salary, start date, status, custom fields, etc.

Requisitions: All requisitions, including creation date, salary range, talents, birth date, budgeted, business unit, candidate, job code, cost center, department, employee group, filled by, filled date, HR generalist, hiring manager, req ID, in status date, job title, job classification, job level, offer apprs, opened date, parent position, pay range, permanent, owners, recruiter, source of hire, comments, status, temporary duration, job function, industry, type, relationship URLs, poster, etc.

Users: All users, including creation date, submitted email, confidential access, department, division, email, name, user ID, job level, last login, last updated, location, manager, offer appr, phone, approver, hiring manager, role, status, time zone, title, relationship URLs, etc.

Locations: All locations relevant to recruiting activities, including ID, name, location code, time zone, region ID, description, requisition approvers, address, phone, country code, interview rooms, entity type, relationship URLs, etc.

Example Metrics From Oracle Taleo

taleo dashboard
  • Number of projects by status (unassigned, awaiting approval, completed, etc.)
  • New Positions Filled – Current MTD
  • Monthly Internal Fill Rate – Current YTD
  • Average Monthly Onboarding Survey Score – Last 12 Months
  • Average Monthly Quality of Hire by Source – Last 12 Months
  • Average Time to Fill – Last 90 Days
  • Monthly Turnover Rate – Last Six Months
  • Current List of Open Positions by Time to Fill
  • Total Turnover – Last 2 Years