Pingdom’s website and performance monitoring software helps you to improve the reliability of your site and deliver a faster, more functional customer experience. With Grow, you can visualize your Pingdom data in impactful dashboards that help align team efforts with company goals and inspire strategic decisions.

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pingdom dashboard

Questions You Can Answer With
Pingdom + Grow

How many checks do we have used and available this month?

What check types have we used the most this week?

Which pages have experienced the most up- and downtime over the past four weeks?

What are the performance statistics for our landing pages this month and last month?

How many SMS tests do we have left?

Which pages have experienced status changes in the last week?

Reports and Data Available From Pingdom

Account Settings: Settings data for accounts, including name, company, description, email, phone, address, account created, public reports code, settings saved, country, region ID, timezone, timezone offset, date format, time format, number format, etc.

Actions: All communications sent within the selected date range, including contact name, contact ID, check ID, action date, via, status, message short, message full, sent to, and charged.

Checks: All used checks, including ID, created date, name, host name, use legacy notifications, resolution, type, ipv6, last error date, last test date, last response date, status, alert policy, etc.

Credits: All remaining checks and SMS credits, including check limit, default check limit, transaction check limit, available checks, used default, used transaction, available SMS, available SMS tests, autofill SMS, autofill SMS amount, max SMS overage, available RUM sites, used RUM sites, max RUM pageviews, available alerting full users, etc.

Outages: All status changes for the specified check(s) within the selected date range, including status, from time, to time, check name, and check ID.

Performance by Interval: Page performance data for the selected check(s)s and date range, grouped by hour, day, or week. Includes from time, to time, uptime, downtime, average response time, unmonitored, etc.

Response Time Average: Response time metrics for the selected check(s) and date range, optionally split by country and/or probe. Includes avg response, from time, to time, check name, and check ID.

Response Times by Hour: Hourly response times for the selected check(s) and date range, including avg response, hour, check name, and check ID.

Example Metrics From Pingdom

pingdom dashboard
  • Performance by Landing Page – Current MTD vs. Last Month
  • Total Downtime and Uptime per Page – Current Week
  • Average Downtime per Page – Last 30 Days
  • Current Used and Available Checks
  • Daily Checks by Type – Current MTD
  • Current SMS Tests Available
  • Daily SMS Tests – Current MTD
  • Daily Status Changes by Page – Last Week