PipelineDeals provides an easy-to-use CRM backed by reliable customer support to help companies manage and optimize their sales pipeline and client relationships. With Grow, you can visualize, analyze, and track your PipelineDeals data alongside your other metrics in real time so key individuals in your company always have access to the insights they need to make agile, intelligent decisions.

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  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
pipelinedeals dashboard

Questions You Can Answer With
PipelineDeals + Grow

How many new leads have we created so far this week?

What was our average deal size over the past 90 days?

Who are our top-performing sales reps this month?

How much in total deal value have we closed this month?

What is our average time to close a deal over the past year?

How frequently are we converting leads and opportunities into revenue this quarter?

Reports and Data Available From PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals has a large number of available reports. The overview article at the bottom of this page contains a complete list of reports and fields accessible in the Grow app. Some of the more popular PipelineDeals access points include:

Account Notifications: All notifications, including ID, account, user, text, read date, created date, updated date, and seen.

Calendar Events: All events, appointments, and other calendar items, including ID, type, owner, category, name, description, end time, all day, due date, complete, completed date, base entry, association, association type, active, created date, updated date, google calendar ID, company ID, recurrence end date, category, owner, start date, association contact details, category, etc.

Companies: All business partners and organizations of interest, including company ID, name, address, email, phone, updated date, created date, import ID, owner ID, image thumb URL, image mobile URL, owner ID, owner name, additional custom fields, etc.

Deals: All potential and won deals, including deal ID, name, summary, user ID, created date, updated date, is archived, is example, source ID, primary contact info, deal stage, deal stage percent, stage name, probability, status, expected close date, event ID, company, value, deal loss reason, value in cents, first activity date, days since last activity, days in stage, user ID, user name, people ID, people name, company, source, additional custom fields, etc.

Documents: All saved documents and templates, including document ID, title, created date, updated date, deal name, owner name, person name, document type, upload status, error message, public link, size in K, upload state, eTag, document tag IDs, company ID, company name, document tags, etc.

People: All people of interest, including people ID, name, position, phone, email, home address, work address, user ID, last viewed date, created date, updated date, company ID, website, instant message, social media, type, summary, unsubscribed, bounced, last emailed date, company name, work address Google Maps URL, first activity date, days since last activity, deal name, source, lead status ID and name, user ID and name, additional custom fields, etc.

Profile: All profile data for the current admin, including profile ID, account ID, level, name, email, manager ID, time zone, is account admin, date format, time format, deleted date, API key, milestone IDs, account key, is Google apps enabled, currency, inbox synced, etc.

Users: All users, including user ID, account ID, level, name, email, manager ID, time zone, is account admin, date format, time format, deleted date, API key, milestone IDs, is google apps enabled, currency, inbox synced, etc.

Example Metrics From PipelineDeals

  • Top 10 Sales Reps by Closed/Won Amount – Current MTD
  • Daily Leads Generated – Current WTD
  • Lead Conversion Rate by Lead Source – Past 6 Months
  • Average Deal Value – Past 90 Days
  • Total Closed/Won Amount – Current MTD vs. Last Month
  • Average Time to Close – Past Year
  • Monthly Opportunity Value by Lead Source – Past 12 Months
  • Weekly Number of Deals Closed by Rep – Current MTD