Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs offers modern operations and inventory management software for high-growth organizations. With Grow, you can monitor the day-to-day needs of your operations, visualize your inventory processes in real-time, and provide key individuals with actionable data to make intelligent, agile decisions.

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Stitch Labs dashboard

Questions You Can Answer With
Stitch Labs + Grow

What is our cost of sales vs. revenue for this month compared to last month?

How has expansion affected our inventory carrying costs over the past year?

Which products were our top sellers over the past 30 days?

How many products were returned this past week and for what reasons?

What is our average ship cost, item quantity and purchase value per order this month?

How many days does it take us to ship and complete sales orders this year?

Reports and Data Available From

Stitch Labs

Contacts: All customers, suppliers, wholesalers and internal reps matching the selected created date, including contact ID, name, nature, archived, deleted, notes, reseller, tax ID, updated date, website, etc.

Products: All items for sale matching the selected created date, including product ID, archived, local ID, name, notes, updated date, etc.

Variants: All product versions and cost data matching the selected created date, including variant ID, description, available, average cost, bundle, component, consignment, local ID, location, low stock alert, notes, SKU, sort order, stock, supplier cost and ID, UPC, weight, etc.

Sales Orders: All sales order data matching the selected order date, including order ID, archived, cancel date, complete date, order date, ship date, currency, discount, local ID, notes, po number, ship method complete, SKU subtotal, etc.

Packing Slips: All packing slip data matching the selected created date, including ID, packing slip date, ship date, local ID, status, updated date, void, etc.

Example Metrics From Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs dashboard
  • Average Cost and Sold Quantity vs. Revenue – Current MTD vs. Last Month
  • Monthly Number of Warehouses vs. Total Cost – Past 12 Months
  • Total Number of Items Shipped vs. Delivered – Current Week
  • Top 10 Products Sold by Quantity – Past 30 Days
  • Top 10 Products Sold by Revenue – Past 30 Days
  • Total Product Returns by Reason – Current MTD
  • Shipping Cost, Quantity, Subtotal by Customer – Current QTD vs. Last Quarter
  • Monthly Number of Days to Turn Inventory – Current YTD
  • Average Days to Complete Shipment – Current Year

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