Financial data is critical for your business—you need to be able to stay up-to-date on your funds in a clear, usable way. With Grow, you can connect your USAA accounts to your dashboards, so you can see where your money is and how it’s being used in real time alongside your other key business data.

Get More with Grow — Your USAA Reporting Tool

  • Gain powerful insights when you add USAA to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
  • Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from USAA alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.

Questions You Can Answer With
USAA + Grow

How many transactions were made in the last 30 days?

What is the current available balance in each of our accounts?

What is my current cash balance?

How many transactions are currently pending?

How many deposits have been made today?

What credits have been made the last week?

Reports and Data Available From USAA

Accounts: List of all accounts, the current balance, and balance available.

Transactions: List of all transactions for select time period, which includes fields for account name, transaction amount, transaction date, category, status, etc.


Example Metrics From USAA

  • Current Cash Balance
  • All Check Deposits – Last 30 Days
  • Revenue – Month to Date
  • Cash Flow – Month to Date
  • Expenses Last 30 Days