Grow Press Release Announces New Product Starting at $29 Monthly

January 22, 2019 Announces New Product Starting at $29 Monthly

January 22, 2019, Orem,, the choice BI software for growing businesses, is announcing the release of four new business intelligence products to serve a larger community of growing companies, including a $29/month plan that allows customers to have enterprise-quality BI for their spreadsheet data.

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“With companies only using spreadsheets, Grow saw the market need of turning those spreadsheets into beautiful visualizations that will engage their team and let everyone rally behind the data,” says Rob Nelson, founder and CEO of Grow. “Our main goal is to help small and medium enterprises win with data. In order to do that there needs to be a price that will encompass all their diverse systems, data, and technical resources. We are widening our offer to support that market.”

For many growing companies, spreadsheets are used as the primary reporting tool, housing all of a company’s business logic, goal tracking, and performance data. Unfortunately, for all of the power that spreadsheets offer, it is often difficult to visualize and identify trends, leading to the loss of crucial insights.

This loss of insights is why Grow has now made their powerful BI platform more accessible to these companies. Available at only $29/month, Grow’s Starter Package offers spreadsheet-only datasource connections so companies can visualize trends and start using their data to win.

“A lot of startups have mentioned to us that while they value their business and want to see it grow, they can’t afford the expensive BI price tag,” says Nelson. “This is why we created the $29 a month product: to help companies embrace the data movement, which is moving from being instincts-driven to data-driven. Teams need to see their progress. They need to be aligned with the data, and this new product will help them do that.”

New pricing options for the Grow tool include:

Starter - Spreadsheet uploads only. Includes data blending, goal tracking, ETLs, an interactive visualization library, etc. Examples are Excel, Google Sheets, Dropbox, CVS files, and more.

Standard - Starter package, 120+ web app connecters, use of the Dataset Playbook library, email chat support from our customer support specialists, 300+ pre-builts, etc.

Professional - Standard package, Dataset builder, user admin controls, chat/phone support with customer success manager, filtering and drilling, database integrations, etc.

Enterprise - Professional plan, advanced security, SSO, and enterprise integrations.

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