Certified Partner Program

Grow’s Certified Partner Program is for companies who want to support their clients with better data insights, but need analyst training and a reliable platform.

Who's a good fit?

Marketing Agencies

The Certified Partner Program provides marketing agencies with a crash course in BI using the Grow platform so they can provide best-in-class marketing to their clients.

Analytics and Data Consultants

Further your career and expand your understanding of BI when you join our Certified Partner Program. You will get a crash course on BI and an in-depth understanding of the Grow platform.

Outsourced Data Teams

Expand your business and offer growing companies support on the number one tool specifically designed for them: Grow. You’ll get specialized training on the Grow platform and be able to provide your clients with a world-class BI experience in no time.

What's in it for you?

A Grow certification gives you the ability to build services and create revenue streams around your core business. Offering your customers support on the Grow platform and helping them find insights critical to their growth will set you apart from the competition and help you grow your own business faster than ever.

Become a Partner
Program Benefits
Program Requirements
Revenue Share
Lead Introductions
Advanced Platform Training
Dedicated BI Engineer
Co-Marketing Opportunities
Fill Out Application
Sign Partner Agreement
Pass Grow Certification Exam

Top Certified Partners

Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie

Become a Grow Partner!

The Referral Partners program is for Grow evangelists who want to share the power that Grow’s simple BI platform has given them.