Technology Partner Program

Join an ecosystem of world-class reporting technologies and provide more value to your customers by helping them win with data.

Grow Partners

Who's it for?

Software Companies

Join an ecosystem of technology partners and give your customers the ability to access, aggregate, and blend the data that is most important to them by integrating your software with Grow.

Your customer satisfaction will increase as they get the most out of your tool and can build the dashboards that will improve their decisions and accelerate growth.

What's in it for you?

Happier, sticker customers.

Grow gives your customers the ability to blend your data with other core data streams to get deeper insights, improve decision making, and grow faster.

Integrating with Grow allows you to go to market with the leading BI provider for small-medium businesses, and improves customer satisfaction and retention.  

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Program Benefits
Program Requirements
Revenue Share
Partner Toolkit
Listing on Grow's website
Use of Grow's Branding Assets
Partner Account Manager
Use of Grow's Branding Assets
Publish a Reporting API
Optimize API with Grow
Announce Grow Partnership
Train Teams on benefits of Grow
Min. of 2 co-marketing events per year

Top Technology Partners

Top Technology Partners

Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie
Grow and Homie

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