Unify your data. Empower your team. Accelerate your growth.


$ 99

Per Month

Analyze core business metrics for your growing team.

  • Unlimited users, dashboards, and data updates
  • Explore your data with point-and-click filtering and drill down
  • Consolidate and blend data from 150+ integrations
  • Automated PDF email reports for your key dashboards


$ 99

Per Month

Engage and align your entire company with data-driven insight.


  • Blend data from specialized integrations
  • Add extra admin controls like 2-factor authentication
  • Seamlessly log in using single sign-on (SSO)
  • Cut communication lag between departments with increased metric capacity


$ 99

Per Month

Set your agency apart with custom-branding and real-time client reporting.


  • Customize branding throughout app, including logo, URL, and login page
  • Attract more business by offering real-time client reports
  • Strengthen client relationships with improved communication
  • Make smarter, faster decisions using both internal and client-facing dashboards

300+ pre-built metrics you can add to your dashboard in one click

Easy-to-use data editor helps you create customized metrics

Anytime, anywhere data access on your TV, desktop, tablet, or smartphone

8x faster implementation and personalized onboarding with a data expert

Blend multiple data sources for insights unique to your business

Data protection with 100% security and customized user permissions


Does Grow provide a trial?

Yes! We want you to see the full impact that Grow can have for your business. But for most organizations (especially those without a data analyst), setting up a new BI system can be difficult.

That’s why we provide a guided trial of our software. This service includes the dedicated help of data consultants who will help you connect your data sources, build your first metrics, and walk you through the application.

What is the difference between you and other BI providers?

Business intelligence solutions can deliver huge ROI, but most BI solutions fail early on, especially for growing companies that fall in the underserved gap between enterprise solutions and DIY dashboards.


Grow fits where others fail. It’s simple enough for the non-analyst to use and robust enough to provide enterprise-quality insights—all at a fraction of the enterprise cost.

Are we too small to use Grow?

We love working with startups and small companies. (After all, we’re a startup, too!) Our pricing is flexible enough to fit companies of any size.

What we’ve learned from our customers is the right “size” for BI solutions is more about data sources than users. If you depend on 3+ data sources, Grow is a great fit—even if your team only comprises a handful of people.

Can you connect to all my data sources?

We have over 150 integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Analytics, Shopify, and many more! You can also access data from spreadsheets, databases, CSV files, or any open API through our REST API connector. It’s our aim to provide you with the simplest way to access all of your important data. View our full list of available integrations here.

Can you blend multiple data sources?

Yes! Our software makes it easy to bring together multiple data sources in a single metric, so you can get data insights that are truly unique to your business. For example, you can mash up data from Quickbooks and Salesforce to get a precise, at-a-glance view of how sales are correlating with revenue. The possibilities are endless!