November 15, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Data Explorer feature added to the Chart tab of the Smart Builder

-Fixed an issue where legends were showing for some charts when they should not have been displayed

Datasource Updates:

-Datasource named “File Upload” changed to “Excel/CSV”

-Banking Financial Accounts: Can now create multiple connections for the same financial institution, allowing you to access data from several accounts opened at the same bank


November 8, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Added the ability to switch out what Dataset a metric is built from

-File uploads can now be deleted from inside the metric builder


November 2, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Fixed an issue where building a metric from a Dataset would sometimes re-order the numbered reports

-Fixed an issue in Spreadsheet Functions where SUMIF function was returning 0 if the value was less than 1

-Prebuilt metrics run faster now, and will display data as soon as they are added to a dashboard


Datasource Updates:

-Bing Ads: Updated to API version 12

-YouTube: Update to API version 2


October 23, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Able to set a Primary report when creating a Dataset so that only the final report is visible when using the Dataset

-Fixed an issue where reloading the Grow Storage page in Settings went blank

-Fixed the horizontal scroll bar on Expanded View to display on smaller screens

-Can now add a Dataset as a sub-report of another Dataset

-Changed the Filter Transform “Equals” operator so that it is no longer case sensitive


Datasource Updates:

-Bing Ads: Updated to API version 12

-Banking Financial Accounts: Updated to API version 2, which now allows access to thousands of financial institutions

-Hubspot: Added the ability to select Properties for Companies, Contacts and Deals

-Hubspot: Fixed an issue with the Geolocation report not returning data for some areas

-MongoDB: Updated to support clients on the newest version 3.6


October 11, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Can now use R$ for Brazillian Real currency in the SmartBuilder

-Added the Metric Last Updated time to the Expanded View


Datasource Updates:

-Hubspot: Sources report with drilldown correctly displays when the user has no Entrance URL

-Limelight: Can now select All Campaigns instead of having to select one individual campaign

-Stripe: Created new columns in the Charges and Refunds reports with amount x100 since amounts are displayed in the smallest units (ex. Pennies x100 = dollars)


October 4, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Datasets feature released along with 25 Dataset prebuilt templates

-Fixed an issue where you could not use the % symbol in the x-axis of a chart


Datasource Updates:

-Hubspot: Fixed an issue where the Engagements report was not returning data

-Typeform: Updated to API version 2


September 27, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Builder: Adding a second Tag transform now adds an another column.

Datasource Updates:

-Zuora: Improved UI to help you pull back data.

September 20, 2018

Features and Bugs:

-Builder: Account admins now have access to use any authorization on the account to build metrics.

Datasource Updates:

-Google Ads: Fixed display issue where metrics weren’t showing selecting columns in Data Settings.

-Quickbooks Desktop: Fixed ‘Payments’ report to pull back correct amount of data.

-Google Ads: Improved error messaging and display improvements.

-Google Ads: Feature to include Zero Impressions added if selected fields support zero impressions.

September 13, 2018

Features and Bugs:

Switching between datasource authorizations doesn’t clear out your data settings anymore. The builder now keeps all the data configurations it can to save you time.

Fixed a number of metrics that weren’t opening in the Builder.

Datasource Updates:

-Dropbox: Certain files now show up properly.

-Typeform: Fixed ‘Unexpected end of JSON input’ error issue.

-Facebook v2: Permission issues with certain metrics were resolved.

-Box: Resolved random auth disconnecting.

-AppCues: Triggers and flows have been updated.

-Bronto: Added Add Contacts Report.

-Wrike: We now include custom fields in the Table Data for the ‘Tasks’ report.

-Google Ads: The default report type is now ‘Adwords Reports’.

-Google Ads: Include Zero Impressions is now unchecked by default.

-Google Ads: Updated API from v201802 to v201806.

August 28, 2018

API Updates:

-Google Analytics: Dimensions are no longer required in the data settings when building a metric.

Features and Bugs:

We added scroll buttons to the reports section in Builder.

Fixed a number of metrics that weren’t opening in the Builder.

August 22, 2018

Features and Bugs:

Copying a metric now keeps the same sizing as the original.

August 16, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-Twitter Ads: Updated to version v3.0.

-Facebook v2: Fixed issue where clients got an “[object Object]” Error

-Shopify: Added required fields to clarify how to pull data correctly.

-Custom REST API: Added all essential data settings for the newest version of the Builder.

Features and Bugs:

Fixed issue with some metrics that weren’t opening in the newest version of the builder.

August 09, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-MySQL: Added the “SSL” option back.

-Hubspot: When no results are found, we now return a message to help the user.

-Hubspot: Added ‘Companies – Recently Modified (30 Days)’.

-Xero: Add Date dropdown and Payments Only.

Features and Bugs:

Added categorization for datasource searching in the builder. It’s now easier than ever to find the datasource you’re looking for.

Fixed an issue causing some metrics to stall when trying save them or cancel out.

July 19, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-Netsuite: Able to connect accounts again.

-Accelo: Creating a dataset from the Activities report now works.

Features and Bugs:

Dashboards that weren’t updating have been fixed.

Datasources can now be sorted by popularity.

June 14, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-Xero: We now prevent Xero auths from locking and causing errors.

-Delighted: Added ‘Listing survey responses’ report.

Features and Bugs:

Error saving changes to a dataset was fixed.

June 6, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates: Making improvements to better identify the call from the API.

-Facebook V2: Now returns data for the current day.

-Google Search Console: Report Params Display in Edit Metric.

Features and Bugs:

TV Mode no longer shows Intercom chat button.

Refreshing the Share URL no longer redirects you to a login page.

May 31, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-ShopifyQL: Fixed errors showing on warehoused datasets.

-Bronto: Added Contacts report.

-Teamwork: Added ‘Milestones’ and ‘Milestones by Project’ reports.

Features and Bugs:

‘Save as’ feature in Filter and Drill now saves new metric with the filters from Filter and Drill.

Users can now set the y-axis to 0 while still having 2 Value Axis enabled.

May 24, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-Xero: Issue with datasets not pulling data has been resolved.

-Paypal: Removed extra blank row between column headers and data to make chart building easier.

-SEM Rush: Made various updates to dropdowns to make querying data a better experience.

-Xero: Add ‘paymentsOnly’ parameter to the ‘Profits and Loss’ statement.

Features and Bugs:

Key Values not displaying properly dollar signs properly has fixed.

Prebuilt Funnel Charts allow user to sort categories.

May 17, 2018

Datasource Integration Updates:

-Active Campaign: No longer getting error with secondary dropdown lists.

-Paypal: Invoice reports now don’t limit data pulled incorrectly.

-Zoho Books: Corrected error on seen on Auth Page.

-AdRoll: Added currency option.

-Xero: Created a check to control the number of calls being made so limits aren’t hit.

-AppFigures: Add Subscriptions Report.

-Quickbooks Desktop: Corrected error of pulling no data with a good connection.

-Recurly: Made authorizing a connection easier.

Features and Bugs:

Correctly issue with Key Values and Single Value metrics displaying the wrong data and not rounding properly.

The table view in Expanded view now displays when a Dynamic Dashboard filter has been applied.

May 10, 2018


-Box: Fixed auth disconnecting issue.

-Accelo: Added ‘id’ field to ‘Staff’ report.

-Zendesk: Corrected ‘Views (detailed) ID’ not reading integers properly.


PDF reports now included Dynamic dashboard filters if they have been applied to the dashboard.

Ask your Customer Success Manager for more details on how to use Dynamic Dashboard filters.

May 3, 2018


-Marchex: Fixed error message showing on all metrics and auths.

-Unbounce: Now able to pull data for the current day.

-Accelo: Error with ‘Staff’ report was fixed

-Accelo: Improved our integration to handle larger volumes of data and put less strain on Accelo’s API. Error with ‘Metrics’ report was fixed.


Compare transform: Comparing date ranges just got a lot easier. We’ve added the ability to fill in missing dates in the Compare transform. No more gaps in your data.

April 26, 2018


We’ve updated a number of integrations and would like to highlight a few.

Amazon Seller Central: We fixed an issue with the ‘orders by order date’ report failing to pull back data.

Hubspot: We made changes to help users not hit their secondly limits when pulling data.

Features and Bugs:

Notifications: Made it easier for you to know what is going on with your notifications on the dashboard by including the datasource “alias”/”name” in the text.

April 19, 2018


Amazon Seller Central, Google Analytics, Hubspot, ShopifyQL


You can now navigate directly to your connected datasources page from the notifications section on the dashboard.

April 12, 2018


Facebook Ads, Fixer, Hubspot, MYOB, Recurly, Xero


Added support for hyperlinks in dashboard notes.

April 4, 2018


LinkedIn, Moz, BigCommerce, Square, ProsperWorks, Google BigQuery, Zuora

March 29, 2018


Paypal, MYOB


Zuora, Instagram, Twitter Ads, Appraisal Scope, Smartsheet, Hubspot, MySQL, Pardot, Podio


We’ve made it easier for you to connect your SQL database with updated setup instructions.


Fixed inaccuracies some were seeing with Dashboard data usage.

March 22, 2018


Accelo, Hubspot


Fixed issue with drilling into data that has been aggregated or grouped.


Made improvements to our global search feature

March 15, 2018


Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Zuora


Added a ‘View Only’ option to user permissions, so you can better regulate who sees your data.

March 6, 2018


Hubspot, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Follow Up Boss, Quickbooks Online, Teamwork, Google Adwords, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Xero, Emma, Facebook Ads


We continue to optimize adding transforms in any order to improve performance.

The ability to lock the 1st row or column as a header is back in Spreadsheet Functions.

Feb 15th, 2018


-MYOB AccountRight


-Facebook V2


We Reordered the 300 Row Preview of your Data

Table data view still shows a 300 row preview of your data (Click here to learn more), but we reordered which data is displayed for your convenience. You will now see the most recently added data first. We wanted to present the more relevant data in your table data view.

Fixed a number of bugs to improve your overall experience. These include minor changes to the UI, and other backend optimizations.


Fixed a issue with sending some PDFs.

Feb 9st, 2018

Performance Optimizations

Processing Optimizations
We made some performance optimizations and improvements when you are connecting new reports, and creating transforms. Before the system would try to process each and every change, even when there wasn’t enough info to process. Now the system waits until you finish the transform or report you are creating before trying to process it. This should make the experience feel a little bit more snappy and performant.

Charting Optimizations
We also improved how chart changes were being processed. Now making minor changes to your chart should feel snappier and quicker.

Improved Transforms Interface:

Clear All Button Added
Sometimes you just want to remove all your transforms and start over. This can take a while if you have more than a few. We added a ‘Clear All’ button to make that faster and easier.

Moved the Remove button
We moved the ‘Remove’ or delete transform button to be inside of the transform modal. This makes it harder to accidentally remove a transform that you wanted to keep.

Added a Help Link for each Transform
Transforming your data to get the insights you want can sometimes be tricky. We added a help link for each transform that links to the help center article.

Feb 1st, 2018

We just pushed a new release with a few important changes.

SQL is now part of the Transform Pipeline!
SQL is now part of the data transforms. This means that you can use SQL at any point, and in any order when building a metric. Don’t be alarmed when the SQL box is moved from it’s normal spot in advanced settings. Just click Add Transform and pick ‘SQL’. Click here to learn more.

Table Data Preview of 300 Rows
Table data view now only shows the first 300 rows. The chart uses all of your data, we just don’t show all of it in the table preview. Check the message at the top of the metric to know how many rows of data your chart is referencing. Again, the table will show the first 300 rows, BUT the chart runs off all the data. Click here to learn more.

Referencing Joined and Master Reports is now easier
We’ve simplified referencing Joined and Master Reports in SQL or Spreadsheet functions. Instead of having to remember to use joinedreport2 or masterreport, now you simple reference the ‘report#’, no matter what kind of report it is. Your metrics have all been updated to use this new syntax, no action is needed on your part.  Click here to learn more.

Rename Column Transform launched
You can use SQL to rename a column, but we added a Rename column transform to make it much easier. Here is the article with more details – Grow Transforms: Rename Column.

Duplicate Reports in Edit Metric with the click of a button
Duplicating report settings is now possible in Edit Metric. Simply click ‘Duplicate Report’ in the ‘Options’ section on the right side of Edit Metric. It will copy all of the settings of the report you are currently on and add an additional report to the metric with those settings.

Data Source updates and bug fixes
-Campaign Monitor
-Twitter Ads
-When I Work
-Act On

More info here

December 13th, 2017


-Box: Resolved authorization issues.

-Xero: Issues with having two or more report authorizations was fixed.

-Facebook V2: Page Impressions for multiple Facebook pages will now return all of the pages instead of just one.

-Lime Light: Added ‘Select All’ option to the Select Campaign field.

-Google Search Console: Data ranges over 4 days are now displaying data correctly.

-Boberdoo: Made Improvements to the way we handle dates

-Hubspot: Added info icon to the side of a report

-Shopify: Added ‘note attributes’ to the Orders report.

Edit Metric

-Edit Metric: Added a new transform in edit metric to add/subtract hours from date/time fields.


-PDF reports: We’ve added the ability to select time and day to send PDFs, even timezone.


December 7th, 2017


-Accelo: Added billable and nonbillable fields to the ‘activities’ end-point.

-Emma: Issue with pulling data through Members template is resolved.

-Freshbooks: You can now bring in the Invoice Line Items from Freshbooks.

-Harvest: Errors related to Harvest metrics erroring out have been fixed.

Edit Metric

-General fixes and improvements to chart types


-General improvements to UI and Key Values

November 30th, 2017


Google Analytics, Harvest, StitchLabs: Add Contact Type and Sales Channel Name field to Sales Orders report, Facebook Ads, Xero, Zoho CRM, Adroll, Accelo, DrChrono, Pingdom, Bronto, Intercom, MongoDB, Mailchimp, Amazon Seller Central: Add FBA info now included, Bing Ads, Mindbody, ShopifyQL, New Relic

Edit Metric

Filter options

To improve your ability to visualize your data, we’ve add AND/OR options and a custom date picker to the filters.


Bug fixes and improvements

November 16th, 2017


ShopifyQL, Hubspot – Add Endpoint: List Owners, Mindbody – Accrual Sales Function, Attendance (Visits) Endpoint,, New Relic, Bing Ads

Edit Metric

Free form horizontal selection is no longer like playing operation. If your mouse leaves the row, it will keep your selection.

Group By ‘Treat as Date’ gets extra functionality that only the Pivot tool had previously. Here is a quick help article explaining what everything does.

Additional Group By ‘Treat As Date’ Functionality

Week starts on Monday (Only available when grouping by Week)

If your company tracks their weeks starting on Monday, this option will set the week to that schedule.

Fill missing dates

If your data skips or doesn’t return days without data, such as a day on a weekend without sales, you can check this box to fill in those missing dates.

Fill to/from today

Check this box to fill in the dates to the present day. This is good for making metrics dynamic.

Auto fill blanks with 0

The default behavior when filling in dates is to fill in the date only, and leave the row blank. But if you know that filled-in dates should be 0, check this box.


Bug fixes and improvements

October 24th, 2017

Instagram Business

Instagram, Shopify, Hubspot, Shipstation, Intercom, Adroll, WuFoo, Facebook Ads, Accelo, Five9, Base CRM, LinkedIn, Chargebee, Jira, Adwords, Campaign Monitor, Freshdesk, Zoho, New Relic, Appraisal Scope, Podio, Facebook, Intercom, RingCentral, Xero, Quickbooks, Desktop CE, Five9

Dashboard Notes released! A free form text area to call out, inform, and help provide context to your metrics and dashboards.
Various bug fixes.

Metric Builder:
Fixed bugs related to the new builder transforms that are available.

Data Warehouse:
Bug fixes and improvements for saved datasets

September 21st, 2017

Five9, Base CRM, Google Analytics Multichannel, Netsuite, Insightly, Appraisal, Google Adwords, Amazon Seller Central, Hubspot, RingCentral

September 14th, 2017

Facebook Ads, Insightly, Act On, Lime Light CRM, Nutshell, Shopstation, Netsuite

September 7th, 2017

Mailchimp: New Members Endpoint
Netsuite: Prepopulated Security Questions Picklists in Auth
Facebook Ads: Ad Images for Multiple Accounts, New Insights Fields Act-On: Auth Naming Improvements

Integration Bugfixes
Facebook Ads, Namely, Google Sheets, Insightly, Namely, Lime Light CRM, Nutshell

August 24th, 2017

• Pendo: New Integration!

August 17th, 2017

A new Metric Builder is in closed beta. Contact your Data Consultant if you want to check it out.

• Google BigQuery
• Quickbooks Desktop is in beta. Contact your Data Consultant for more info.

• Mindbody
• Bronto
• Amazon Seller Central

August 10th, 2017

• FreshService
• Pardot v3

• Facebook
• Redshift
• Zendesk

August 3rd, 2017

• Stitch Labs
• Accelo
• Moz

• Moz
• Dentrix
• Salesforce
• Agemni
• Lime Light
• Amazon Seller Central
• File Uploads
• YouTrack
• Intercom
• Shopify
• Hubspot
• Salesforce

July 20th, 2017

• Browse through dashboards quickly to see snapshots of metrics.  Now to investigate further – click – and explore the data in detail!

• Tubular
• Moz
• Salesforce
• Banking Financial Accounts
• Shipstation
• Pipedrive
• Shopify

July 13th, 2017

• PayRoll Relief: Payroll amounts, labor hours, employer payroll taxes, & employee names
• Tubular: Use GraphQL to pull leads, deals, & contacts
• Pardot: Email sends, clicks, & opens

• Hubspot
• New Relic
• Facebook
• Adroll
• Google Adwords
• New Relic

General updates and bug fixes.

July 7th, 2017

• Shipwire: Access insight to customer orders, inventory levels, shipping time and costs

• Asana: Board Sections and tasks
• 10k ft: Date filter, tags and budget_items fields in the Projects report, Assignments endpoint
• QB Online: Profit & Loss detail report

• Clicking on a metric navigates to expanded view

General updates and bug fixes.

June 22nd, 2017

• Detnrix: Dentral Practice Management Software – Exported Reports
• 10,000ft (10k): High Level Resource Planning Software – Users, Projects, Time Entries

• Ship station: Ship To fields added to the List of Orders Report
• Community Church Builder: Batch Profiles report updated to allow users to pull > 30 days back
• Campaign Monitor: Able to pull certain reports by Campaign Sent Date
• Agemni v2
• Google Analytics

General updates and bug fixes.

June 15th, 2017

• Shopify Plus: Users and Gift Cards Reports

• Dr Chrono
• RingCentral
• Twitter
• TradeGecko: New report – Variant, Orders report – can be filtered by tags
• Pipedrive: Deals report ‘Time in Stage’ column
• Quick Books Online: Inventory valuation summary date picker added for dynamic date ranges
• Adwords: Able to select a sub account with an MCC account

• Data View Mode in Expanded View – see more detail instantly

June 8th, 2017

• BambooHR: Directory, User lists, and Employees out of the office
• Jobs2Careers: Clicks, Cost, Cost Per Click, Calls, Campaigns (summary report showing total clicks and cost by campaign id for a time frame)

• MailChimp: Added List Automation report
• Shopify: Logo update, added discount codes data to Orders report, added Price Rules report
• Pipedrive: Added option to Include Time in Stage Information in the Deals report
• Harvest: Added the ability to select multiple projects for the User Assignments and Tasks Assignments reports
• Five9: Added Table Date Format Functionality Checkbox
• Asana: Task reports now displaying Custom Field data
• Time based reports are displaying the initial dataset

Account Settings
• Beta program opt in checkbox

• Pie charts now have the ability to show labels and values
• Anyone with ‘Manage Dashboard’ permissions can create Dynamic Dashboards filters

MAY 25th, 2017


Account Settings
• Browser tab shows the Account Settings page the user is on
• Saving user permissions for a dashboard gives access immediately
• Simplified user access controls when adding a new user

• Podio: Endpoints – Applications, Files, Items, Tasks, Notifications, Search, Stream, Views

• Intercom: API update
• Shopify: Orders report updated
• Hubspot CRM: Engagements – associated / metadata endpoints

MAY 19th, 2017

– Account Settings: Customers can click Send Report Now to email reports
– Edit Metric: Chart type icon changes when you move through metrics in expanded view

– Egnyte: Works similar to Dropbox, OneDrive, GS, and Box – finding folders in file, pulling those in and selecting which tab (or sheet) to view

– Recurly: Able to pull all, open, collected, failed, and past due invoices
– Harvest: New things – billable rates by task and project / user_assignments and task_assignments tables pull through to match and calculate revenue
– FigPay: Payments field
– Hubspot CRM: engagements endpoint
– FaceBook: Likes and unlikes show day they were generated

May 12th, 2017

– 2 Value Axis labels are available with 2 or more data series selected

– Qualtrics: pull responses from any survey you’ve created

– YouTrack
– Agemni V2

Bug fixes & general improvements.

May 5th, 2017

We’ve got a walk through (??)! A walk through is when the first time an admin logs into Grow (non white label for right now), we teach them how to build a metric click by click.  We’re stoked!

– Wrike: tasks report now has additional columns (parent folders, responsible user)

Bug fixes & general improvements.

April 28th, 2017

– Clicking on a metric in settings opens the metric in expanded view in a new tab
– Deleting a dashboard updates the dashboard list in settings and dashboard navigation

– Tradegecko: invoices and invoice line item reports

Bug fixes & general improvements.

April 24th, 2017

– Faster
– All around usability update – looks great and makes sense
– Everything is searchable – makes things simple and slick to find
– New pages:
1. Metrics – overview of all metrics you have access to
2. Reports – manage daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots of dashboards
– See how many people receive each report (aka how many people receive what kinds of PDF emails)
– Company info and User info – are now separate (no confusion between what is on the user vs. account level)

Here’s a gif for your viewing pleasure:

Filter & Drill Updates
– Save filtered metric as a new metric
– Calculated, aggregated, and removed columns are able to be filtered
– Export a drill table to CSV

Brand New Data Integration
– Tradegecko: inventory and order management software (endpoints: products, invoices, orders)

Data Integration Updates
– Agemni v2: custom fields (leads, work orders)
– Taleo: login sessions upped
– FB: rate limit upped
– FB Ads: spend shows unrounded numbers
– Ontraport: search box to report, object and groFilup fields
– Bing Ads: select check boxes instead of columns
– LinkedIn: company stays selected
– Harvest: authentication errors fixed, time endpoint pulling faster
– Shopify: report and date selections stay stable while toggling between multiple reports
– Sales Force: Reports > Selecting Columns populating column names in all reports

Bug fixes & general improvements.

April 13th, 2017

Brand New Data Integration
– Small business payment solution

Data Integration Updates
– Agemni V2: new and improved API
– Shipstation: tag names now in the order report
– Figpay: payments type field added in the payments report

April 4th, 2017


Exploring your data and getting at the details is quick and easy with Grow’s filtering and drill capabilities. With this feature, viewing weekly sales for a specific sales rep, showing customer survey responses for customers with low NPS scores, or viewing a breakdown of your marketing spend is a piece of cake.

Click here for full details.

Brand New Data Integration
– Desk (salesforce desk support channel consolidation): Endpoints – (articles, brands, cases, companies, customers, facebook feeds, facebook accounts, facebook users, feedback, filters, groups, inbound mailboxes, insights, integration urls, jobs, labels, macros, outbound mailboxes, rules, snippets, topics, twitter accounts, twitter users, users)

Data Integration Updates
– Mailchimp: new endpoint showing activity at the campaign level
– Namely: pagination implemented
– Nutshell: pagination implemented
– Follow Up Boss: new last activity date included in the people endpoint and, due date included in the task endpoint.

Bug fixes & general improvements.

March 27th, 2017

– White Label PDF unsubscribe button navigates to white label URL
– In join reports, columns with duplicate names can now be referenced in transforms
– Calculated columns updating on joined reports
– Onboarding modal sized properly on 13in computers
– Stylized the reset password result page
– Zoura invoice link added: users can see their invoices / shows PDFs

Brand New Data Integration
– Nutshell: CRM (endpoints: accounts, activities, backups, competitors, contacts, custom fields, industries, leads, markets, milestones, notes, origins, processes, products, settings, sources, tags, tasks, teams, territories, timelines, and users)
– Indeed: job search website (endpoints: ads)
– Follow Up Boss: real estate lead management (endpoints: calls, users, smart lists)

Data Integration Updates
– Dentrix: now allows users to schedule reports in Dentrix to be sent to Grow
– Amaon Redshift: now able to use SSH connector

Bug fixes & general improvements.

March 17th, 2017

– Users can use calculated columns on joined reports now
– Mobile Updates

Data Integration Updates
– Harvest expense report now maps project name, invoice categories, expense categories, and user name to ids
– Stripe – users are now able to include cancelled subscriptions
– Figpay – two new endpoints, Lines and Payments. Fields included: Lines: id, create_time, delivery, deleted, status, created_by_name, customer_name Payments: id, post_date, create_time, delivery, table_id, till_id, paid, deleted, status, created_by_name, subtotal, total_tax, total, total_paid, total_unpaid, customer_name, tax_exempt_company, tax_exempt_id, returns

Bug fixes & general improvements.

March 14th, 2017

– Updated look and feel to login page
– Updated Styles for Emails: Welcome to Grow, PDF reports, password reset, & all white label emails
– Mobile Update: shared dashboards are visible but no longer disrupt navigation

New Data Integration
– Lime Light CRM: Reports and data available include campaigns, orders, returns, chargebacks, customer prospects, current customers.

Data Integration Updates
– Chargify pagination update. Can now access all records (not just a limited few) for the following endpoints: invoices, transactions, subscriptions, customers, events, payment, stats, product families, coupons, & products.

Bug fixes & general improvements.

March 8th, 2017

New Data Integration
– Taleo: HR management platform that focuses on talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management

– Stacked Column + Line name and order update

Data Integration Updates
– Velocify: campaign and status data is now available
– SQL Server can now be connected through SSH

Bug fixes & general improvements.

March 3rd, 2017

– Master reports can now reference the pivoted reports
– Mobile App: Single Value Metric displayed vertically to see all the data
– Email styling updates

Data Integration Updates
– Bing Ads – users with multiple accounts can switch between accounts
– Velocify – can now have multiple authorizations connected to Grow
– Teamwork Projects – date dropdown styling adjusted & template settings are now consistent throughout the integration
– Zendesk – links to help articles updated (how to connect / use in grow)
– Custom Rest API update

Bug fixes & general improvements.

Feb 27th, 2017

– Reference a joined report in spreadsheet functions.
– Updated email designs – Welcome to grow, PDFs, Password reset.
– Grow logo updated for tab (favicon).

White Label Updates
– Links in PDF emails from a white label account navigate directly to white label URLs.

Brand New Data Integration
Chargify – recurring billing and subscriptions management.

Data Integration Updates
– OneDrive Business – Users can now access shared files and folders.
– Velocify – Users can use ‘Get Report Results’ endpoint to pull available reports.
– Wrike – ‘Task’ report can be filtered by due date, created date, completed date, status (includes custom statuses), and responsibles.
– FigPay – Now allows the following fields: timestamp for Post Date field, Order Reference in payments report, Order status fields (status, payment, deleted).
– Oracle – Improved connectivity on Grow.

Bug fixes.

Feb 16th, 2017

Data Integration Improvement
– Teamwork: Custom account names are now integrated (allowing account domains not ending in
– Shopify: Refunds report (shows amount, success / failure)
– Asana: Incomplete task filters (filters out all completed tasks and show only incomplete tasks)
– Google Adwords: Geo Performance report (able to pull data with AWQL and pre-loaded reports) & campaigns pull data formatted without quotes
– FigPay: Date selection (specify time range to pull data from)
– Facebook: Reach report (tracks unique page impressions)
– Ontraport: connection updated

User Experience
– ‘From’ name in email PDF reports – ‘From’ Grow or ‘From’ White Label company

Bug fixes, & general improvements.

Feb 13th, 2017

– is now officially big deal for confidentiality, integrity, and identity.

Data Integrations
– Lightspeed

Data Integration Improvement
– Dentrix
– SalesForce
– Zuora
– Velocify
– FigPay
– Magent
– Shopify
– CallRail
– Asana

Bug fixes, & general improvements.

Feb 9th, 2017

Data Integrations
– Adroll

Data Integration Improvement
– OneDrive Business
– Rest
– BigCommerce
– Ontraport
– Pipedrive
– Prosperworks
– ToTango
– Salesforce SOQL
– Netsuite

Bug fixes, & general improvements.

Feb 3rd, 2017

– Join

Data integration improvements, bug fixes, & general improvements.

Jan 25th, 2017

Data Integration Updates
– Google Adwords
– Typeform
– Asana
– Salesforce
– TSheets

Bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 19th, 2017

Data Integrations
– Google Analytics – Multi-channel funnels
– Emma
– ToTango

Bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 11th, 2017

Data Integrations
– Zoho Projects
– Velocify

Bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 4th, 2017

New iOS mobile app!

Data Integrations
– Square

Bug fixes and improvements.

Dec 20th, 2016

Data Integrations
– Active Campaign

– New Date Interpolator – Last Year only
– New longer time refresh rate options

Bug fixes and general improvements

Dec 12th, 2016

Data Integrations
– Kenshoo
– Jira connection improvements

Bug fixes

Dec 9th, 2016

-Bubble Charts – more info here

Data Integrations
-New Xero Reports: Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Bank Statement

Lots of Bugfixes

Dec 6th, 2016

-Calculated columns – more info here
-Ability to add HTML links in table charts – more info here

Lots of great bugfixes

Nov 29th, 2016

New Data Integration

Nov 22nd, 2016

New Data Integrations
-Air Table

-Pivot Tables – More info here
-Prosper Works now allows custom fields mapping to names

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Nov 8th, 2016 Release

Happy US Election Day ????????

New Data Integrations
– Pingdom

– 2-factor authentication
– Table charts can now select up to 25 data series
– Improved Ontraport interface
– Uploading a file automatically selects that file

– Harvest ‘Select All’ feature works for current ‘All’ and future changes
– Giving permission to all dashboards now includes all future dashboards
– Facebook Ads – field selection improvement
– Pingboard pagination works better

October 26th Release

This is a pretty major release. Many UI changes, changes to the look and feel of the dashboards, as well as an improved Expanded Metric view.

All of these changes are based on user feedback. After talking with many of you about what you want from your dashboards, here’s what we heard:

Make it Faster

You want to quickly understand the status of your business, and dashboard performance was getting in the way. We heard you! With the new update, dashboards are now much faster. In fact, on average, they load 6x faster than they did before.

Focus on What Matters Most

You want your dashboards to show you enough information to understand the status of your business, and be able to explore the data more when you need it.

Here are the changes we are making to meet those needs:

  1. We moved the dashboard tab row to free up real estate for your most important metrics, and simplified what used to be called the Dashboard Manager into the left-hand dashboard navigation.
  2. Now, when you favorite a dashboard from the left-hand nav menu, it goes into your favorites at the top for faster, easier reference.
  3. Because you always want to see the contents of a dashboard before deleting it, we moved the dashboard Delete button to the dashboard menu. We also moved the Rename functionality to the dashboard settings screen.
  4. You told us that the slide out panel sometimes covered information on surrounding metrics, so we created a smarter metrics action (share, copy, move) dropdown that doesn’t overlap other metrics.
  5. The dashboard header and admin area took up valuable screen real estate. Dashboard actions have been simplified and grouped together so this whole area now takes up much less space.
  6. In fullscreen mode (TV mode) the header is cleaner, creating more space for metics, and made it easier to see from a distance.

Dive Deeper to Answer Questions

If something on the dashboard needs more attention, you can direct your focus on the specific metric in Expanded View. To enable you to answer your questions, we added the following:

  1. To answer the question of what your data looked like last week, or a month ago, we moved metric history into the expanded view.
  2. If you want different insights to your data, you can see your data in different chart types and group your data by different time periods within the new Explore Metric view. More information about a metric is also available in Explore Metric, like metric name, description, owner, data sources, and links to dashboards the metric is shared on, so that you can answer your questions.
  3. Metrics now have specific URLs that will take you straight to that metric, so you can have important conversations about specific metrics with specific people, without having to email screenshots or share entire dashboards.

Metric Chat

We also reviewed the metric chat function and found that it was not being used by most companies. We want to release a robust integration with Slack, to allow you to chat about and reference metrics where your company is already chatting. In preparation of that we removed the metric chat function.

Database Upgrades

We also reduced the number of calls the database makes, as well as upgraded the underlying technology stack that displays the dashboards and metrics. Everything is faster, and it just feels snappier.

Oct 13th 2016

New Data sources

New Features
-New API endpoints for Xero: Tracking Categories, Contact Persons, and Linked Transactions
-Edit an existing Chart Label selection. You won’t lose all the formatting you made to it.
-When you upload a file with the same name as an existing file the new file is saved with a timestamp and the old file is preserved. Helps you determine the difference.
-When you get an Adwords error due to invalid fields a link to the help article on Google Adwords pops up.
-Added a column to the Facebook List of Page Videos report which provides the video description
-Live Datasource list. A page which lists all available data connections and a short summary of what they can pull.
-Updated default color wheel.

Various and sundry bugfixes

Sept 21, 2016

New Data sources


New Features

-Able to change sampling level for Google Analytics, and pull in unsampled data if the account has Google Analytics Premium-Data export available for Master Reports
-Select All button available on all multiple selection fields
-BingAds data connections now store credentials for Account ID and Customer ID
-User list for Share Dashboard button now loads faster


July 25th 2016

New Features:
-Better cursor handling while building a metrics

-Metric building improvements and UI.-Faster dashboard loading

Lots of bugfixes to make you happy.