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To survive and excel in the business world, companies have to be able to make quick, agile pivots to gain strategic advantage.

Grow is a reporting and analytics solution that allows you to easily create actionable, real-time dashboards to run your business.

With over 150 integrations used by fast-growth companies, you can quickly connect to all the data you need, build customized reports, and blend data from multiple sources for truly unique business insights.

Connect directly to your data — wherever it is


Drive Real Growth

Kevin Sides
CMO, Shipmonk

Before Grow, ShipMonk “had no way to tell if we were really driving business growth,” says CMO Kevin Sides. But with Grow, “we can now track everything in real-time and adjust as needed.”

Results were immediate: “Grow has helped us get Cost Per Acquisition much lower and have less waste. We’re benchmarking better and able to see how to take actionable efforts to optimize our efforts.”


Reporting Made Simple

Grow is focused on helping you succeed by providing hundreds of integrations, exceptional features and customization, and unlimited support, all without annihilating your budget.

Grow Steps

You don’t need to wait six months to get started—we implement 8x faster than our competitors, so you can hit the ground running to real results. And with unlimited users, you can quickly get your entire team united around your most important metrics.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Grow helps you stay agile by bringing all of your key data together in one place, so you can keep on top of your most important numbers and quickly spot problems and opportunities. With data blending, you can better understand and optimize customer acquisition, retention, and churn, and accelerate your hustle.

Lead Better with Data

Clear, actionable data is a powerful tool for leaders because it gives you a complete view of your business and helps eliminate guesswork so you can make decisions with greater confidence.

In one-on-one meetings, rather than having to be the “bad guy,” you can tackle problems from the same side of the table and find solutions together. With Grow, your teams will unite and communicate better because their efforts are aligned with tangible data-based goals.

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Premium Features, Practical Price

Jason Cremins
CEO, Signagelive

“We continually struggled to create charts and dashboards that were easily digested and insightful, and despite trying several other BI tools, we could not find a solution,” Signagelive CEO Jason Cremins explains. The team was stuck—they needed the robust features of an enterprise solution, but didn’t want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it. 

So, Cremins started searching, and finally found Grow: “I have personally reviewed 10+ major BI tools over the last 3+ years,” he says. “Grow delivers where others fail. The price and performance of Grow is unrivaled.”

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