The Only Custom BI Tool that's No-Code and Easy to Set Up

Grow is a no-code custom BI tool that allows anyone to visualize, analyze and share business performance all in one place.

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150+ Integrations

75+ Integrations

Grow integrates with Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HubSpot, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Analytics, and 75+ data sources!

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Grow doesn’t charge per seat like most BI tools. When we say unlimited users, we mean it! Set the correct permission levels per user, creating a single source of truth for your entire team.

One Platform

One Platform

Grow combines ETL, data warehousing, and visualization in one easy-to-use platform.

No Code

No-code, Full-stack BI

Power and scalability for the analyst; simplicity for the business user to truly self-serve.

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How Grow Brings Your Custom All in One Place

Get everyone on the same page looking at the right data

Customize How You See Your Data

Personalize your data visualization with Grow. Tailor dashboards to your needs, highlight key metrics, and interpret complex data effortlessly. Craft your unique data story and make informed decisions with Grow.

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Customize How You Want To Dig Deeper Into Your Activities

Amplify your analytics with Grow. Customize your deep dive into activities, set specific KPIs, and unearth actionable insights that align with your strategic objectives. Empower your decision-making and boost performance with Grow.

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Create Your Own Metrics And Measure What Matters Most

Redefine measurement with Grow. Design your own metrics, focus on what truly matters to your business, and track progress towards your unique goals. Harness the power of personalized analytics and drive your success with Grow.

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Build an Overview Dashboard

Simplify data navigation with Grow. Build a comprehensive overview dashboard, gather all key metrics in one place, and gain a bird's-eye view of your business performance. Streamline your data analysis and decision-making with Grow.

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What our customers say about us...

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Five Star Rating

Best value

“Grow is the best value in analytics available. Grow enables our decision makers to be predictive for both internal and external forces that affect thee bottom line.”

Bubba Testimonial

Bubba K.

COO (Healthcare Tech)
400 employees

Five Star Rating

Complete visibility

“Amazing. Now we have a central location of all our data. It has allowed us to look at our whole business in real-time.”

Kristopher Testimonial

Kristopher K.

VP Finance (eCommerce)
80 employees

Five Star Rating

No-code, self serve

“I selected Grow because of its ease of use. We needed a platform that we could connect, setup, and build insights without SQL or the use of our software engineers.”

Bret Testimonial

Bret L.

CEO (Tech)
75 employees

Capterra ShortList 2023
Leader Spring 2023
GetApp Category Leaders 2023
Software Advice Front Runners 2023
Announcing Grow 6

With Our One-Click integrations, building your custom dashboard has never been so easy

Grow has over 75+ one click integrations and has the ability to connect to even more!

Explore 75+ Dashboard Integrations

Start Building Your Custom Dashboard For Free

No more logging into different tools or excel spreadsheets to understand how your small business is doing. And no more surprises because you forgot to check one of those tools. Now you and your team can easily connect data, build and share reports, all in one tool and discover profitable insights.