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ETL & Data Prep

Connect all your data.

We know you have a lot of data―probably too much data, and that's OK. What’s not OK is how hard it is to wrangle all that data to let the business insights flow. Old-school ETL requires that you collect, transform, and normalize data to get it into a warehouse before you apply logic, filters, and joins. With Grow, you can easily import and transform data from multiple sources to fuel powerful metrics and dashboards.

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Clean, prep, and store your data.

Most businesses have a dozen, or more, data sources―CRM, web analytics, advertising platforms, and financial reporting systems to name a few. Grow imports your business-critical data and keeps the most relevant and current data on hand, so you don’t need a third-party data warehouse. Because we store your data, dashboards deliver transformative insights, consistently and reliably, every time you need to make a business decision.

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Explore & Visualize

Build beautiful visualizations.

Our customers have built some pretty amazing―you might even say beautiful―dashboards. We believe a chart is worth a thousand words, and sophisticated visualizations shouldn’t be difficult and time consuming to create. Grow allows any business user to build metrics, unlike other BI tools that require technical resources. Easily marry and transform disparate data sources, and then filter, slice, and explore different chart types as you navigate your data to find the best way to surface insights for your business.

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Share insights with everyone.

Achieve business agility, excel at in-moment prioritization, and share decision-making power with every employee. Grow uncovers data-based insights that allow you to tap the collective brain power of the entire business. Easy-to-share metrics and dashboards, combined with unlimited-user pricing that doesn’t penalize you for sharing the love, enable business transformation and give you a company-wide license to disrupt.

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Built for you.

Insights that transform your business.

Find out how Grow can help you uncover the insights that will inform your sales, marketing, and overall business strategy now and into the future.

Team KPIs to Plan

  • Executive KPIs
  • Department KPIs
  • Real-time tracking Budget vs Actual
  • Company milestones
  • Create a culture of winning

Revenue Insights

  • Sales Leaderboards
  • Product Sales
  • Rep Coaching
  • Pipeline Performance
  • Sales Activity Trends

Marketing Impact

  • Full funnel visibility
  • Lead Conversions
  • CLTV
  • CAC
  • ROAS
  • Acquisition Channels
  • Sales Rep Conversions

Customer Retention

  • Cohort Churn
  • Expansion
  • NPS
  • Collections
  • Daily/Monthly Active Accounts
  • Customer Issues

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