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Hundreds of 5-star reviews for Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Dashboard Visualization.

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Turn speed and agility into your competitive edge

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Unlock the power of data across all levels of your organization with Grow’s no-code platform. Embrace a quicker decision-making process and foster a data-driven culture, accessible to everyone.


Transform your team into data rockstars. With Grow, the need for specialized data teams becomes a thing of the past. Experience increased efficiency and expertise, as your team excels in driving data-driven results.


Take your team’s performance to the next level. Grow streamlines your data processes, allowing your team to focus on what really matters – strategic tasks and innovation, not technical complexities.

Experience Unparalleled Simplicity and Versatility

Grow is committed to delivering products that are not only intuitively designed but are also simple and user-friendly. Our focus on ease of use ensures quick adoption and maximizes utility, setting us apart in the Business Intelligence world and ensuring your team can fully leverage our tools from day one.

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Best value

“Grow is the best value in analytics available. Grow enables our decision makers to be predictive for both internal and external forces that affect thee bottom line.”

Bubba Testimonial

Bubba K.

COO (Healthcare Tech)
400 employees

Five Star Rating

Complete visibility

“Amazing. Now we have a central location of all our data. It has allowed us to look at our whole business in real-time.”

Kristopher Testimonial

Kristopher K.

VP Finance (eCommerce)
80 employees

No-code, self serve

“I selected Grow because of its ease of use. We needed a platform that we could connect, setup, and build insights without SQL or the use of our software engineers.”

Bret Testimonial

Bret L.

CEO (Tech)
75 employees

Capterra ShortList 2023
Leader Spring 2024
GetApp Category Leaders 2023
Software Advice Front Runners 2023

Discover What Sets Grow Apart

150+ Integrations

75+ Integrations

Grow seamlessly integrates with Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HubSpot, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Analytics, and 75+ data sources!

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Say goodbye to per-seat charges. With Grow, unlimited users mean unlimited growth potential. Set the right permissions and create a unified data environment for your entire team.

One Platform

One Platform

Grow isn’t just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution. Combining ETL, data warehousing, visualization, and alerts, Grow is your all-in-one platform for business intelligence.

No Code

No-code, Full-stack BI

Experience the power and scalability necessary for analysts, coupled with the simplicity needed for business users to self-serve. Grow bridges the gap between complex data analysis and everyday business needs.

Connect all your data

Connect, store, and blend data from hundreds of data sources and SQL databases. Whether its millions or billions of rows of data, Grow has you covered.

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Connect Data Sources

Build a single source of truth

With inline ETL transforms and point and click tools you no longer need complex SQL queries to clean and prep your data.

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Single Source of Truth

Automate your reporting

Automate data pipelines and control your data refresh schedules to keep data dashboards always up to date.

Automate Your Reporting

Explore your data

Empower everyone to answer their own questions and surface insights on their own.

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Explore Your Data

Beautiful interactive visualizations

With Grow's business dashboard tool, build powerful data visualizations and KPI metrics.

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Share and collaborate

Make better decisions by giving everyone access to your database dashboards. Collaborate around the data and insights you create.

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Share and Collaborate

A single source of truth

Get everyone on the same page looking at the right data

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Unlock the answers hiding in your data.