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From marketing and sales to revenue and retention, Grow keeps a pulse on your company’s health and gives you full-funnel visibility so you can grow faster.

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Grow Sales and Marketing Dashboard
"Within 15 days of implementing we had over 100 metrics and 10's of dashboards—six months later Grow and the discussion of metrics is everywhere in the company."
Troy O. |
"Grow allows my entire agency and all of our clients to see the metrics that matter most. In turn, we are able to make adjustments 10x faster."
Dave R. | Ignitium
"Now we have a central location that we can look at all the data. Grow has allowed us to look at our whole business in real time."
Kristopher K. |

See all your business KPIs live.

Step 1

Connect to all your core business apps.

Grow connects to all of your favorite marketing, CRM, and financial datasources; clean and prep your data once, and create a single source of truth for your entire organization.

Step 2

Build beautiful visuals & gain unique insights.

Break down your complex business data into beautifully simple visuals and spot areas that need attention before they become a problem. Now you can focus on doing more of what’s working best.

Step 3

Share with your entire team & align around data.

Get everyone on the same side of the table. With unlimited users each individual can keep an eye on how their KPIs are tracking to goals and answer everyday performance questions.

Live Funnel Analytics

Get critical answers for your growing company.

Grow’s beautiful visualizations give you a clear view of what’s driving revenue and where the bottlenecks exist. Now you can easily spot opportunities to grow faster, align your team around a single source of truth, and make the right moves at the right time.

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Know what’s driving your growth.

Grow Revenue vs Forecast Dashboard

Revenue vs Forecast Tracking

Stay in-the-know and get a clear view of how revenue is tracking to forecasts.

Grow Sales Leaderboard Dashboard

Sales Leaderboards

Increase visibility of individual performance and keep the team motivated.

Grow Live Dashboard on TVs

Live Dashboards on TVs

Broadcast business performance to the whole company and create a culture driven by data.

Grow Sales Rep Activity Dashboard

Sales Rep Activity Tracking

Optimize performance and increase accountability for each contributor.

Grow Ad Hoc Revenue Exploration

Ad Hoc Revenue Exploration

Get specific answers to crucial revenue questions in just a few clicks.

Grow Pipeline Forecast Dashboard

Pipeline Forecasting

Spot trends and make corrections before revenue goals are put at risk.

Grow Funnel Conversion Rate Dashboard

Funnel Conversion Rates

Spot bottlenecks and increase efficienceies at each stage of the funnel.

Grow Customer Retention Cohorts Dashboard

Customer Retention Cohorts

Reduce churn and drive advocacy with cohort views of what’s making customers happy.

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