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In order to build their businesses, company executives, managers, and employees require complete, up-to-date information from several sources. They need to keep track of all the moving parts of the business to develop ready answers to present to board members and stockholders. Grow is a tool that allows companies to gather that information into a single, easy-to-read dashboard. Workers can then use that data to draw useful insights and make informed decisions. With Grow, even smaller organizations that don’t have the resources to dedicate to a large IT department can develop a data-driven strategy.

Benefits of a BI Reporting Tool

Business intelligence (BI) tools help to keep key players in an organization informed about the business’s health and trajectory. By keeping company leaders up to date on the business’s performance, BI reporting tools help small business leaders to better direct their departments and the company as a whole onto a positive trajectory.

Use Cases for a BI Reporting Tool

Grow caters to managers and executives in a wide variety of positions. Whether you are a C-level executive, a social media manager, or the lead member of a sales team, Grow provides dashboards to meet your business intelligence needs. Each dashboard can be specially customized to match each member of your team’s particular needs and focus on specific metrics.


Get a top-down view of your company’s finances, operations, sales performances, and marketing efforts on a single screen.

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Financial Dashboard

Get a top-down view of your company’s finances, operations, sales performances, and marketing efforts on a single screen.

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Marketing Dashboard

Track key metrics from Google Analytics, social media sites, email marketing, CRM, and more.

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Sales Dashboard

Keep an eye on your sales performance and recognize new opportunities to grow and improve your company.

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Social Media Dashboard

Gather metrics from all of your social media accounts to determine the best ways to interact with your followers.

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What sets Grow apart?

Grow provides crucial business intelligence for small businesses that will allow your company to evolve in a positive way. It grants valuable insight to your company’s leaders and workforce which will help them to effectively perform their jobs and develop your business. Below, we have listed just a few of the benefits Grow provides by working alongside your workforce to produce the best results.

Gather all of your data into one central location

From financial reporting to social media to marketing projections, your business is drawing in data from dozens of sources. Grow is built to pull data from all of those sources into a single, easy-to-read dashboard. You can use Grow’s analytics tools to combine and analyze data from multiple sources to draw new, actionable insights and present your findings in clear graphic representations of your data.

Make informed decisions based on real-time insights and reporting

When making decisions that will affect your company’s future, it’s crucial to have the most current data available. Grow offers dozens of integrations with a wide range of software tools, automatically updating your data so your numbers are accurate. With real-time updates and clear data reports, you can make the right decisions to accelerate your growth.

Manipulate your data quickly and easily

Your data can come in at an astonishing rate, and working with such a large amount of data can be a daunting task. Grow automates the process, importing your data from multiple sources and gathering them into a single location. You can customize your dashboards to only show the data that is important at the moment, and all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse to analyze those numbers and present pertinent insights into your business. Users can also automatically generate custom reports to present these results.

Share your numbers and reports across your whole team

It’s important for all members of a team to be working from the same set of data. If one team member’s numbers are out of date, it can lead to errors and miscommunications. With a customizable Grow dashboard, teams can share up-to-the-minute data with everyone. Each dashboard can be customized to show exactly what the team member needs to see without getting cluttered with irrelevant data. It simplifies the process of sharing data with team members, and even allows users to share data with other departments.

Enjoy full access to our world-class support team

As helpful as Grow’s software solutions are, they don’t represent all that we have to offer. In addition to our software products, our clients have access to our team of experts. Our support team is fluent with our software and integrations and can help you to decide which integrations will be most useful for your business. We will also walk you through every step of the process of setting up your dashboard to make sure that you are able to gain the full benefit of our offerings.

Case Studies

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