10 Reasons Why Grow's BI Tools Are Perfect For You

Reasons Grow is the perfect BI partner for your business

1. Quality data from multiple sources

While intuition can give you a hunch or a spark that leads you in a specific direction. Data is what you use to confirm, understand, and measure. PwC surveyed more than 1,000 senior executives and found that organizations that rely heavily on data are three times more likely to say their decision-making has gotten much better than those that rely less on data. 

The number of data connectors that Grow's Business Intelligence technologies offer help collect, sync, and analyze real-time data seamlessly. 

2. In-Built Data Warehousing 

The perks of a data warehousing system are endless. From identifying patterns in past data to improving the consistency in data formats, there's no reason dashboard Business Intelligence should be without a warehouse.

47% of IT managers and executives said that all their data warehouses were in the public cloud. 

What if we tell you that Grow offers an integrated warehousing experience? Thanks to our data warehouses, your company officials will have a field day for analytical support to make fact-based decisions.

Say goodbye to third-party warehousing for your BI needs!

3. Quality Visualization In Minutes

More than half of the people on Earth, or at least 65%, are visual learners, meaning that most of us need to see information to remember it.

Arranging and processing disparate data into easily digestible information for your team is easier than ever with Grow's data visualization tools. These can be a part of the marketing reporting dashboard or otherwise.  

The marketing dashboard shows monthly subscribers and conversion rates more precisely than most online tools.

4. Accurate Reporting

40 percent of business executives make at least one big decision every 30 days, and the data they use to make these decisions is growing at 40 percent per year. 

According to a Gartner study, about 40% of enterprise data is either wrong, incomplete, or unavailable. This means that businesses can't reach their data-driven goals.

With Grow's automated collection, storage, and data cleansing and transformation processes, 'reporting accurately' becomes the least of your concerns. 

So, what stops you from sharing accurate reports with your teams? 

5. Maximum Data Transparency

The importance of data in business is not hidden from enterprises. But not every organization works towards transparency. 

“According to IDC Market Research, businesses might lose as much as 30 percent of their annual income due to inaccurate or siloed data.”

Data silos are hard to get rid of. Your company must consciously decide to change its policies and infrastructure from the top down. 

The best way to make decisions based on data or find patterns is to use the dashboard Business Intelligence. Grow's powerful BI decision-support tool combines unstructured data with models and rules that fit your organization. 

6. Powerful Data Transformations

Let's look at an example of transformation: a bank buys an insurance company that works in the same area. Once the acquisition is made, it has been decided that all of the employees will be put on a single payroll. If all the information about employees was kept in a single place, like a data warehouse or database, it would have been easy to make payroll. 

In this case, though, one company kept employee information on a SQL Server and the other saved payroll data in an Excel sheet. To make a consolidated payroll for the employees, the data must be changed to fit the target system's needs, which in this case, is a single dashboard. A single source of truth.

7. No Technical Expertise Required

A recent study by Gartner predicts that the global market for no/low-code development technologies will grow by 20% by 2023

In today's agile environment, the needed digital skills and speed of delivery can only be reached by giving both professional IT developers and business technologists who don't work in IT a choice of no-code or low-code solutions.”

8. Data Modeling

By 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts doing decision intelligence work, such as decision modeling.

No wonder Grow dashboard tools make datasets with custom business logic that everyone can use as a single source of truth.

9. Easy Shareability

Gartner predicts that by 2023, organizations that encourage data sharing will do better than their peers on most measures of business value. 

With Grow, give everyone access to your Business Intelligence dashboards so that they can help you make better decisions. Work together on the data and ideas you come up with.

Use Emails, TV Mode, Shareable URLs, and Slack and export your timely reports to various stakeholders as and when you desire. 

10. Highly Customizable Dashboards

With Grow's customizable dashboards, you can cut through the noise and focus on the metrics that matter most to your business and your employees. No matter their job title, anyone in your organization can have views tailored to their role and quickly share the information needed to drive continuous process improvement throughout your operation.

Closing Words-

Choose Convenience, Choose Grow

Learn how to use Grow's Business Intelligence Dashboard. 

When you purchase Grow's Business Intelligence technologies, you become part of a team that wants your business to do well. If you're ready, it's time. Check out the following:

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