5 Ways Data Visualization Software Fuels Better Insights

It's not always easy to take in large amounts of data. Sometimes, data sets are so big that you can't find anything useful in them at all.  Data Visualization Software helps with this. 

Data visualization is just what it sounds like: putting data into a visual or graphical format.

#1: Action-oriented

Everyone knows that the brain understands visual information much better than written information. Using charts or graphs turns even the most complex data into relationships that are easy to understand instead of reports and spreadsheets that are a mess. 

How Spread The Vote Built Their Regional Operations Dashboard

Those business leaders using real-time information can easily decide on the precise time to adapt and respond to changes in the market. A data visualization dashboard lets them find new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition in any industry.

#2: Figure out the most crucial business trends 

The top priority for sales and marketing teams is to use data to learn about their customers and make campaigns that will reach them. Today, organizations have access to many valuable databases with much information. But if this is not harnessed and used well, it can quickly become useless. 

Imagine the trend analysis you can put to use with Data Visualization Software

Using Business Intelligence Reporting Tools, sales managers can step up their game and use real-time Data Visualization to predict sales numbers. They can use this information to change prices, determine if demand has dropped, or see if competitors are selling similar products for less money. This also makes it easy for them to figure out why a product isn't doing well if it isn't doing well.

#3: Data Analysis That Makes Sense 

Visualizing big data is also a great way to find meaningful stories in data, which is another benefit. For example, you can use heat maps to see how a specific product has grown or performed over time in different parts of the world. 

In this picture above, the users can easily see Website Session by Region. 

It makes it very easy for decision-makers to quickly see which products and areas are doing well and which aren't, so they can make the changes that need to be made quickly. 

Big data visualization tools are a smart way to use data and give key insights that can be used to make better marketing plans that are tailored to each region and help boost sales. 

Business Intelligence Software Companies have enabled swift business decision-making. Visualization tools keep track of any changes in real-time performance and make it possible to react quickly to market trends, which is vital for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition.

#4: Customized Interaction with Data

One of the best things about data visualization software is that it lets companies make custom reports and work directly with data. It ensures that the information decision-makers get is validated. 

A data visualization dashboard is very different from spreadsheets, tables, and charts because you can do more than just look at them. 

Also, users can easily change how data is shown to get rid of what they don't need and focus on important details.

#5: Productivity and Improved Revenue

Many reports found that organizations that use visual data discovery tools are  more likely to find timely information than those that only use managed reporting and dashboards. 

It goes without saying that being able to visualize data can significantly impact how well an organization does in the real world. 

When businesses used data visualization software, their return on investment (ROI) went up. 

In another study of companies around the world, it was found that only a handful of the businesses surveyed used data visualization. But most companies were ahead of the pack in revenue growth and planned to put even more money into data visualization in the coming year.

Summing Up-

At Grow, our Business Intelligence reporting tools can turn real-time structured and unstructured data from different internal and external sources into actionable dashboards and reports with advanced visualizations like charts, graphs, bars, etc. 

Both mobile and desktop systems can be used by Sales and Revenue Management teams to take in and track key metrics. 

As your strategic partner, Grow uses several advanced visualization tools to make it easy and quick to use data. If you want to know more about visualization, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts for a personalized consultation.

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