6 Key SaaS Business Metrics: The Data that Drives Investors

Earlier this month, our CEO Rob Nelson participated in a joint webinar with Lighter Capital CEO BJ Lackland. They discussed the metrics and KPIs you should focus on when seeking funding and on a regular basis to help your company succeed.

Their discussion focused on six specific metrics that are important to any SaaS company. Lackland shared an investor’s perspective of how companies are evaluated based on these metrics while Nelson shared the SaaS CEO’s perspective as someone that deals with these metrics on a daily basis.

Watch the webinar to learn about all the key metrics discussed, or jump to a specific time (listed below) to learn about specific ones:

  1. Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (6:05)
  2. CAC Payback Period (13:55)
  3. Customer Churn (18:50)
  4. Monthly Recurring Revenue Churn (26:55)
  5. Customer Lifetime Value (31:39)
  6. Average Revenue Per Customer (37:40)

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