Grow Customer Highlight: Meet Vollmer

Have You Met Vollmer?

Meet our client, Vollmer. If you live in Pittsburgh (or if you lived in Biberach, Germany in 1909), you might have already heard of them. But, just in case you haven’t, we’d like to introduce you.

Over a century ago, Heinrich Vollmer built the first saw setting and filing machine. Since then, Vollmer has honed its craft, building high-quality machines for tool manufacturers, sawmills, and sharpening shops around the world. With over 200 patents under their belt, Vollmer has the technical edge over its competitors.

How Vollmer Keeps Their Edge

“Our business priority is to always be set up for the future in the best way,” Vollmer states.

It’s this eye on the future that has given Vollmer an extra edge, anticipating the market and perfecting their machines to stay ahead. Now, that means using new methods to support their customers and their internal teams by having the right software and management tools in place.

Vollmer, Grow, and Business Intelligence

Vollmer had been tracking their data, but they wanted to up the ante with better visualizations, improved corporate reporting, and a better analysis structure. Simply put: they wanted to have everything handy at one glance.

Our team flew out and got to work. Among other things, Vollmer wanted to measure and track the performances of their sales, service, and finance departments. A day and a half later, Vollmer’s dashboards in Grow were up and running.

Here are some of the metrics they’re currently tracking:


Vollmer’s sales dashboard tracks open opportunities, opportunities won and lost (count and value), YTD sales (count and value), machine volume and revenue, and backlog orders by machine.


Service tickets are broken down by priority levels, the number of daily service tickets, completed service tickets, warranty tickets, spare part shipments, quotations, and service operations.


YTD performance (net sales vs. goal, and YTD gross profit vs. goal), YTD accounts actual vs. budget vs. last year, YTD accounts by month, YTD personnel costs, YTD personnel costs vs. budget vs. last year, personnel costs by month.

Vollmer’s Growing Success

Since Heinrich Vollmer produced his first machine in 1909, Vollmer has always been dedicated to building the perfect machine. We’re excited to work with and support such an amazing company, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow!

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