We’ve Raised $11M—WSJ Has Taken Note, We Think SMBs Will Too

Big news from Grow today: We’ve raised $11 million in total funding this year, including a $9 million Series A round led by our good friends at Toba Capital. It’s the firm’s first UT-based investment.

Excited is an understatement of the emotion and energy at Grow this week. The new funding will supercharge improvements to the platform and help us empower more small and mid-sized businesses with the analytics and intelligence they need under a model they can afford.

The investment also means we will gain a valuable new board member, Vinny Smith, a billionaire software veteran and founder of Toba Capital.

We’re not the only ones who are excited. The Wall Street Journal has taken note too.

It’s hard to get a better sign-off on than an article from one of the world’s premier business publications.

A few of our favorite quotes from the Journal’s piece, and why we love them:

They nailed what we do: simple, easy, fast

“Grow pulls together data from sources such as Quickbooks or Shopify and lets it be manipulated and visualized so businesses can get faster insight into what’s going on.”

They got to the heart of the problem

“Business intelligence is a crowded market, but founder and Chief Executive Rob Nelson said products from Domo Inc. or Tableau Software Inc. or Birst Inc. may be too complicated and expensive for small businesses.

“‘There are not a lot of options for the SMB space, and it’s a huge market and severely underserved,’ Mr. Nelson said.”

They recognized that our team makes all the difference

“Grow started in January of 2014, but its growth has taken off this year because the company built a ‘client success team’ that helps customers get started with the software.”

They’re right, we are going to grow—like crazy

“Grow aims to reach 10,000 companies by 2020.”

Of course, it’s important that we thank our wonderful customers and team. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we are confident that the future holds great things for Grow and everyone who benefits from the business intelligence we provide.

We’re Hiring

We are hiring for many positions. Sales, Development, Customer Support, Graphic Design and more. If you are interested in joining our awesome team and tackling this unique opportunity, please get in touch at jobs@grow.com.

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