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If you’re looking for continual growth, and want a company that makes decisions based on the data, you need Grow.

Data all in one location

Your business data is scattered all over the place in CRMs, spreadsheets, social media platforms, financial applications, and more. To get that data in one location, you have to manually retrieve it from each source—a painstaking process that takes hours. But what if you didn’t have to manually gather it?

With over 150 instant integrations, Grow gathers data from your internal and external data sources to one location. That way, you don’t have to waste time visiting multiple locations to review your data.

Automated reporting

If you rely on anything other than automated reporting to stay up-to-date on company performance, it’s costing more of your time and money than necessary.

Say goodbye to the monthly or even bi-monthly reports that provide limited (and likely outdated) data visibility. With Grow, reports are available when you set them to automatically update—every day, every hour, or every five minutes, etc.

Automated reporting provides significant benefits:

  • Cost saving – Automated reporting can save a minimum of half of what it costs to hire a data analyst.
  • Time saving – Automated reporting allows employees (or yourself) to spend time on other projects.

Use Grow and free up employees, boost productivity, and save money.

Improved data visibility

If your current reporting solution doesn’t provide easy data mashups, it’s not providing the data visibility you need. Gaining the necessary data visibility requires combining your different data pieces from each source. Doing so on a dashboard helps you clearly see the connections and correlations between different data sets.

Grow combines your disparate data allowing for simple data mashups. This allows you to see how different actions, executed in different platforms, impact each other and your company.

Better decisions

The decisions of every member of your team from the top down influence the direction of your company. Running a company with month-old data or even two-week old data makes it harder for those decisions to lead to a big win. To experience more big wins, employees at every level need access to the right information at the right time.

Grow dashboards empower your entire team with up-to-date data relevant to their sphere of responsibility for faster, well-informed decisions.


During significant growth, you don’t want to worry about switching BI solutions to a new one better suited to the needs of your growing company. Growth comes with its own challenges. Don’t add searching for a new BI solution, setting that solution up, and teaching your entire team to use the new software to your list of challenges.

Grow’s features and functionality easily scale with your company as it grows, allowing you to continue succeeding with a tool you are already familiar with.

What potential is your company passing up by not utilizing a BI solution? Download our infographic, How BI Helps Large and Small Companies, to see specific ways companies use BI to help them unlock potential and how Grow can help you get to the next level.

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