The Scoreboard Effect: How To Motivate Your Team With Metrics

To win the game of business, you need a motivated team. Studies show that the majority of American workers are actually disengaged with their jobs. In fact, a 2014 Gallup study concluded that only 30% of US workers consider themselves engaged at work, with millennials as most likely to say their job does not coincide with what they do best.

There are all kinds of leadership resources that business leaders can turn to, however, even the best leaders cannot inspire without data and a deeper understanding of how employees are actually using that data.

The Aberdeen Group just released a study on company scoreboards and the effect of real-time metrics on employees. The study found that having a company scoreboard within a business improves analytical thinking among all teams, leading to better performance and company-wide collaboration.

Why does a company scoreboard have such a strong effect on performance? Having access to data is key. Data inspires movement. When all employees are actively engaged in key performance indicators, employees become aware and accountable. From there, employees develop a sense of ownership and involvement with their jobs.

I’ve seen employees and teams completely transform after focusing on metrics and KPIs. At my last company, there was a time when the group didn’t feel much direction. We all worked as hard as we could, but didn’t feel a sense of purpose until we took a step back and asked—what is really going to drive our company forward? What metrics are most important for our bottom line?

We figured out our most relevant company KPIs and tracked them as a team. We saw our work directly affect sales leads, customer conversion, and other key metrics. Our confidence as a team grew as we owned specific metrics—everyone felt more involved and focused.

Collaborative analysis of the key performance indicators leads to a sense of team unity and increases individual passion towards the work. A company scoreboard makes the progress of the business no longer just the responsibility of the CEO and managers.

When everyone is responsible for the score, it becomes everyone’s game. And the more players you have that show up ready to play, the more likely you are to win.

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