Securely Display Your Grow Data With Signagelive Secure Dashboards

Fast-moving and often time-sensitive, data has the potential to boost your business productivity and significantly improve your revenue, but only if the relevant actionable insights can be seen by team members in good time. This imperative to share data quickly – and safely – with all the employees who need it has remained the single biggest challenge for businesses. Until now that is. Thanks to the integration of Grow with Signagelive Secure Dashboards, it is now easier than ever to share data company-wide through the secure display of Grow dashboards on your workplace digital signage.

Enabling you to ramp up and safely scale out your Grow data visualization strategy, Secure Dashboards ensures that you can immerse employees in all the latest data in near real time whenever they step into the workplace.

To help your teams stay ahead of trends and spot any issues before they arise, Secure Dashboards is designed to refresh any on-screen data as often as you need. Data can, for example, be updated at intervals of every five minutes through to an hour, or alternatively at specific times of the day.

How Does Secure Dashboards Enable You to Display Your Data Securely?

With Secure Dashboards, you can securely broadcast password-protected dashboards on your screens, without exposing your login credentials or making your data publicly available via URL. 

To safeguard your login credentials, the platform stores and accesses them from a protected Secure Manager environment. The system also ensures that data is stored safely in the cloud. From here, it takes snapshots of the required metrics, before sending them out to your players through Signagelive.

As an additional layer of security, the Data Sync Services Application ensures that every player that is sent images is actually approved to receive them.

How Does Secure Dashboards Help You Quickly Share Data At Scale?

Ideal for company-wide data sharing, Secure Dashboards makes it quick and easy to share data safely on your screens, enabling you to access multiple dashboards using a single Smart login. This means that, in the event that you should ever need to update your login credentials, you won’t have to do so for every individual dashboard.

How Can Showcasing Your Grow Dashboards On Digital Signage Help Your Business?

Through the display of Grow data dashboards on any on-site digital signage, you can empower teams, giving them, at a glance, all the information they need to make better informed business-critical decisions. Rather than waste time waiting for data reveal meetings or monthly encrypted data files, employees can now see all the very latest data analytics anytime they are in the workplace. No delays, no fuss – this solution makes it easy to ensure data equity, whatever the size of your business.

Whether it is to display full-screen dashboards for specific teams, or multiple data visualizations for every department using the Signagelive multi-zone digital signage layout, you can use your screens to make the maximum impact.

Sales, Warehouse, and Marketing Dashboards

On the sales floor, displaying sales figures against expected targets can create a sense of urgency, motivating teams to work harder to meet and exceed their goals. The on-screen tracking of product shipments and returns can be beneficial for most teams, giving everyone the advance notice they need to deal with any delays or faulty items.

And while the on-screen display of stock levels makes it easier for teams in the warehouse to spot potential stock shortages, the on-screen tracking of live digital marketing campaigns gives marketers the hour-by-hour insights they need to adapt and optimize promotions in real time.

Financial Dashboards

Sharing Profit and Loss statements (P&L) on screens in managerial meetings are often the wake-up call and impetus that leadership teams need to find additional ways to hit targets and maximize year-on-year productivity. Creating playlists that cycle through data visualizations of unachieved targets and goals is another way to motivate staff, giving everyone some collective objectives to focus on every time they go into work.

Workplace Gamification

To boost day-to-day outputs and productivity, you can also gamify the workplace experience. Simply create and display leaderboards of all your top performing employees to inspire teams to work harder. Alternatively, showcase goal-tracking dashboards to motivate everyone to work together on company sales targets.  

Whatever you need Grow data dashboards for, you can build on the reach and impact of all your data by securely displaying it across your network of workplace digital signage. The ideal companion to help businesses step up their company-wide data sharing strategy, Signagelive Secure Dashboards helps to inspire more engagement, offering, through the “big screen” display of many alternative Grow data visualizations, an impactful and immersive viewer experience.

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