New Features Released: Share a Metric to Another Dashboard in 3 Clicks

July 18, 2016

We have released a ton of speed improvements, bug fixes and new features. Here are some highlights:

Share Metric

Some metrics are so important, you want them on every BI dashboard. Sharing a metric among multiple dashboards is super easy with Grow, and it comes with two extra benefits:

1. The shared metrics will update at the same time so your metrics will be in sync and consistent. When you cross a critical sales goal, everyone can celebrate together because the metric updates at the same time on every dashboard.

2. A shared metric only counts as one metric, no matter how many dashboards it’s shared on. For example, if you share daily sales to seven dashboards, it only counts as one metric used.

Here is the help center article that describes how to share metrics to dashboard in more detail.

Copy Metric

If you need to make a metric that is very similar to an existing metric we made it even easier to use the ‘Copy Metric’ function. Click the button

, edit your metric, then pick the dashboard you want to save it to and you are done.

Here is the help center article about how to copy a metric.

New Data Source: OneDrive Business

Have an Excel sheet in OneDrive you want to build a metric from? Now you can. Just authenticate your OneDrive account, build the metric, and set the refresh rate.

Data Value Label Rotation

Sometimes long labels (like large currency amounts) will overlap, making them hard to read. Now you can rotate labels for a cleaner, clearer chart.

The team also fixed a bunch of smaller issues and improved the overall speed of the platform.

Want to share a critical metric to a few dashboards right now? Login to Grow and click the


If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or our team at, or chat in on the site.

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