Webinar Recap: How to Drive BI Adoption to Transform the Way You Do Business

Jon Lautaha is a Grow data consultant who’s worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to high-growth technology start-ups.

Attendees of Grow’s Data Driven Summit and Boot Camp 2017 discuss how vision, strategy, and tactics help determine their best metrics and dashboards. Jump to 6:05 in the webinar to learn more about this approach!

While he’s worked with companies of varying sizes, Jon has found that certain principles always hold true when driving adoption of new technology:

  • Know your audience (7:57)
  • Tell your story (15:37)
  • Start conversations (24:17)

In this webinar, Jon shares how to apply these principles to drive BI adoption within your organization, and how to use Grow to execute on these principles to transform the way you do business. Click here to watch it on demand.

Visit grow.com/webinars to view other on-demand webinars or sign up for upcoming live webinars!

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