What Does Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software Mean?

What Does Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software Mean?

A study by the Wharton School of Business found that using data visualizations could cut short meetings by 24%.

Let’s look at this chart below:

In the figure above, the green dot means that the data filter was used correctly. The data visualization efforts are successful. Grow also shows the column that filters the metric, such as "Close Date," next to the green dot. 

But what if the data stored in the back end was incomplete? What happens to the visualization, then?

This is called a Front-end approach. 

The 'front-end approach' can give you views of your data, but it skips necessary optimization steps like cleaning the data and making a central place where data from different sources can be stored. 

Depending only on Data visualizations could lead to the following: 

• Without data preparation, data visualization actions to find meaning in data are limited, which may keep you from seeing all the valuable information. 

• As the number of decentralized data sources grows, it becomes harder or even impossible to keep views of all the data consistent and up to date.

A Full-Stack Business Intelligence Software like Grow has both back-end and front-end features. The back end prepares your data and creates a central data repository for extensive analytics and a single version of the truth. On the other hand, the front end shows you how your data looks and gives you dashboard reports. 

Grow is one of the leading Business Intelligence software companies. Its BI tools help users find everything they need in a single place. 

In short, a full-stack BI solution will take care of the following without any hassles.

  • ETL & Data Prep
  • Data Storage
  • Explore & Visualize
  • Share
  • Customize

Closing Words-

Surveys have shown that data preparation can take up to 80% of a data scientist's time. Because of this, many people have questioned whether it makes sense to ask highly skilled and well-paid data scientists to do digital janitorial work.

Meeting not only data preparation and visualization needs but every BI need with a Full-stack solution like Grow, which combines both back-end and front-end features. It goes beyond tools limited to visualizing the data and helps your firm get the most out of Business Intelligence now and in the future.

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