Why You Should Hire Dedicated BI Developers

The Challenges of Non-Specialized BI Development

With the increasing complexity and demand for precision in data-driven decision-making, relying on general developers for BI tasks can present numerous challenges:

  1. Lack of Domain-Specific Knowledge:
  • Details: Business Intelligence is a specialized domain that integrates data analytics, data mining, data visualization, and more. Each component requires a depth of knowledge that general developers, no matter how competent, might lack.
  • Implications: This deficiency can lead to misinterpretations of data, resulting in poor decision-making and missed business opportunities.
  1. Inefficient Use of BI Tools:
  • Details: Even the simplest Business Intelligence tools aren't just about creating visualizations. They have intricate features tailored for BI, such as time series analysis, advanced filtering, and predictive analytics. Non-specialized developers might not harness these features to their full potential.
  • Implications: This could result in superficial analysis and insights, depriving the business of deeper, more valuable revelations from their data.
  1. Overlooking Advanced Data Modeling Techniques:
  • Details: Data modeling in BI isn't just about representing data structures. It's about understanding business processes, user requirements and anticipating future needs.
  • Implications: Inaccurate data models can lead to ineffective data processing and retrieval. Over time, as business needs evolve, the BI system might become slow, cumbersome, or even obsolete.
  1. Compromised Dashboard Creation:
  • Details: BI dashboards should be intuitive, insightful, and actionable. Non-specialized developers might focus on aesthetics over functionality or overlook the nuances of representing specific data types.
  • Implications: Stakeholders might receive visually appealing dashboards that fail to provide meaningful insights or guide actionable strategies.
  1. Security Concerns:
  • Details: BI deals with sensitive business data. Implementing robust security measures isn't optional; it's paramount. General developers might not be familiar with the security intricacies unique to BI systems.
  • Implications: This might expose critical business data to vulnerabilities, breaches, or unauthorized access.
  1. Time Inefficiencies:
  • Details: Without specialized knowledge, general developers might take longer to develop, test, and deploy BI solutions. They may need to climb a steep learning curve, consult frequently, or even resort to trial and error.
  • Implications: This not only delays the delivery of BI solutions but also escalates development costs.
  1. Reduced Scalability and Flexibility:
  • Details: One of the key facets of BI is its ability to scale and adapt to evolving business needs. Non-specialized developers might not design BI systems with future growth in mind.
  • Implications: As the business grows, the BI system might struggle to accommodate increased data loads, more users, or new data sources. This can lead to performance issues or necessitate costly overhauls.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated BI Developers

While the challenges of non-specialized BI development are evident, the solution is clear: hiring dedicated BI developers. Let's explore the multitude of benefits they bring:

  1. Specialized Knowledge and Skill Set:
  • Details: A dedicated BI developer possesses specific training and experience in BI tools, methodologies, and best practices comparable to the depth and breadth offered by Grow Managed Services.
  • Implications: This guarantees robust, error-free BI solutions. Furthermore, by exploring services like Grow Managed Services, businesses can leverage the knowledge of a BI Analyst with an average of 4 years in the field, specializing in the Grow platform. This potent combination ensures faster, more precise decision-making.
  1. Efficient Development and Deployment:
  • Details: Familiarity with the leading BI tools and platforms enables swift design, development, and deployment of BI solutions.
  • Implications: Reduced development time translates to quicker insights. Additionally, with the support of Grow Managed Services, organizations can tap into advanced skills like SQL for querying and data manipulation, ensuring even more efficient and tailored solutions.
  1. Higher Quality Insights and Reporting:
  • Details: Dedicated BI developers go beyond just converting data into graphs; they interpret, correlate, and represent data in a compelling manner.
  • Implications: Enhanced data-driven strategies are achieved. By incorporating services such as Grow Managed Services, businesses can benefit from data visualization best practices, ensuring insights are not just accurate but also effectively communicated.
  1. Customization and Scalability:
  • Details: Custom-made solutions tailored to a company's unique needs are the hallmark of dedicated BI developers. These solutions are scalable, ensuring future growth is accommodated.
  • Implications: Tailored solutions, like the ones offered by Grow’s BI platform, ensure precise analysis of business-specific challenges and opportunities.
  1. Continuous Upgrades and Maintenance:
  • Details: The dynamic realm of BI requires regular updates and maintenance. Dedicated BI developers, especially those under a managed service like Grow's, keep systems up-to-date.
  • Implications: Companies leveraging Grow Managed Services can enjoy weekly strategy and review calls, ensuring alignment of goals and timely refinements.
  1. Cost Savings in the Long Run:
  • Details: The long-term returns of hiring dedicated BI developers, especially when combined with Grow Managed Services pricing structure, outweigh initial investments.
  • Implications: With reduced mistakes, lesser downtime, and maximized system potential, businesses can experience significant savings over time. The ROI is further enhanced when considering the high-quality insights derived and the revenue growth possibilities.

Engagement and Flexibility with Grow Managed Services: Engage with a dedicated BI Analyst in just a week’s time after signing up. With pricing starting at $3,000 per month, depending on project intricacy and scale, it’s a cost-beneficial alternative to setting up an in-house team.

Cost Implications

While the initial investment in a dedicated BI developer may seem high, the ROI is substantial. Inaccurate BI implementations can lead to misinformed decisions, potentially costing businesses millions. With the expertise of a dedicated BI developer, businesses can optimize operations, reduce inefficiencies, and increase revenue, making it a worthy long-term investment.

Tips for Hiring the Right BI Developer

  • Look for certifications from renowned BI tools.
  • During interviews, pose real-world data challenges to gauge their problem-solving approach.
  • Assess their understanding of your specific industry. BI isn't just technical; domain knowledge can be a valuable asset.

To learn more, visit here

Potential Drawbacks and How to Overcome Them

Admittedly, when you hire dedicated BI developers or an individual developer, it can have its challenges. Existing IT teams might feel sidelined. To mitigate this, ensure open communication channels, emphasizing the collaborative nature of BI. Regular training sessions can also align the BI developer with the company's broader goals and culture.


In today's fast-paced, data-driven world, missing out on key insights can leave businesses trailing behind their competitors. The need for precision, efficiency, and in-depth data interpretation has never been more crucial. As we've highlighted throughout, to hire dedicated BI developers means providing insights, accuracy, and tailored solutions that can mean the difference between stagnation and success.

To embark on this transformative journey:

1. Scoping Call: Start with an in-depth conversation about your specific business needs and challenges.

2. Proposal: Based on our discussion, we'll draft a tailored proposal that outlines the comprehensive solutions Grow can offer.

3. Assign BI Analyst: Experience the expertise of a dedicated BI analyst from Grow who's well-versed in both the intricacies of BI and our state-of-the-art software.

4. Implementation: Watch as our software integrates into your business framework, unlocking actionable insights and promoting data-driven decisions.

5. Identify Goals: Together, we'll set clear objectives and assess the current data landscape. This collaborative approach ensures alignment and sets the stage for our monthly managed services.

6. Weekly Strategy Calls: Engage in regular strategy discussions with your BI analyst, ensuring your KPIs are refined, and your BI strategies are always aligned with the latest business developments.

But don't just take our word for it. Read firsthand reviews on "Grow Cost & Reviews Capterra" to see how businesses like yours have transformed with the help of dedicated BI developers from Grow.

Empower your business. Make informed decisions. And thrive in the data-driven era. Choose dedicated BI expertise; choose Grow.

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