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Fully-Customizable Analytics

Your company is unlike any other, and that means you face unique, difficult questions on a daily basis. Canned, generic metrics can’t provide the answers you need. 

But with Grow, you can get those specific answers by blending, mashing, and comparing data from different sources on one fully-customized dashboard. You can see your entire company at a glance and get insights tailored to your business.


8x Faster Implementation

When your company is growing, the cumbersome 6-month implementation of a complex solution doesn’t just cost time and energy—it costs opportunity.

Grow is the simplest way to use your data. We implement 8x faster than our competitors with a seamless process that delivers value right away and allows you to hit the ground running toward higher revenue, better insights, and data-driven growth.

150+ Instant Integrations

Uniting data from scattered sources is a challenge most businesses face every day.

With over 150 integrations, Grow makes it easy to quickly connect to all the tools you use, so you can get faster, easier, and clearer insight into the data you need.

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Unlimited Users

Data is the most powerful when your whole company can rally around metrics that matter—that’s hard to accomplish when only a handful have access to them. Everyone should be able to create role-specific KPI dashboards so they can make informed decisions and contribute to company-wide goals.

Team unity shouldn’t come with a penalty. See what can happen when your entire team is united by data.

Simple Data Manipulation

You don’t have to be a data expert to get detailed, specific insights in Grow. Our platform makes it easy to slice and dice your data without getting technical. Just point and click. 

Grow also offers robust capabilities within the platform such as data cleanup, pivoting, grouping, filtering, and applying formulas and functions to your data so you can track what’s most meaningful to your business.

Pivot Tables

Historical Snapshots

Typical dashboard solutions have one common weakness: They’re a snapshot of the current moment. So viewing your past performance means going back to the scattered apps and spreadsheets you were trying to escape in the first place.

We understand the value and importance of perspective, which is why Grow offers you the unique ability to scroll back in time and review historical snapshots of your data. We record and store these snapshots so you can see your progress, measure performance, and recognize real trends. 

Historical Snapshots

Unlimited Real-Time Updates

Most BI dashboard providers think “real time” means updating your data once per day. But we know that’s not always enough (or even close to real time).

With Grow, you can set a timer for how often you want to refresh and update your data, from once daily to every 5 minutes. This unique feature keeps your data alive and fresh, so you’re always up-to-date. 

real time updates

Send Automated Email Reports

Automated PDF reports allow you to send dashboard snapshots to your team, company, and investors, so they can be regularly updated on the most up-to-date numbers and key performance indicators. You can set up PDF reports to send to multiple recipients automatically at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

email pdf dashboard

Expert Onboarding Team

You don’t need IT skills to get started with Grow. Our team of expert data analysts will make your onboarding experience quick and easy.

300+ Pre-Built

Immediate insight comes with the push of a single button in our pre-built report library. We’ve made it easy to add some of the most commonly requested metrics to your dashboard. In just one click, see your cash balance, sales leaderboards, key financials, and more. 

Export Your Data

Easily export any dashboard data, in multiple formats. Use PDF and image exports for quick data sharing, or download the data behind your reports into Excel to perform advanced calculations.

Export Data

Safe and Secure

Your Grow dashboard is private and secure with read-only access to your data. All data is transmitted over the internet via SSL encryption, so nothing is ever exposed.

If you choose to connect your own database, we use a reverse SSH tunnel so your data resides behind a secure firewall and you never have to open a port.

Your data is always safe, secure, and under your control.