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ActiveCampaign provides integrated marketing automation, email marketing, and sales CRM platforms that help you deliver targeted messages to your contacts and get the most value out of your lead generation efforts. With Grow, you can easily visualize, analyze, and explore every level of your marketing campaigns and sales pipeline to unlock key insights into your most vital email marketing performance metrics.

Get More with Grow — Your ActiveCampaign Reporting Tool

  • Gain powerful insights when you add ActiveCampaign to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
  • Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from ActiveCampaign alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
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Questions You Can Answer With
ActiveCampaign + Grow

How many hard bounces vs. unique clicks did we get in our last email campaign?

Which campaigns have generated the most leads over the past six months?

What was our weekly email click-through-rate over the past 90 days?

How many daily subscribes and unsubscribes do we have so far this month?

Which stage of our sales pipeline has had the highest conversion rate this year?

What is our email open rate for the past 30 days?

Reports and Data Available From ActiveCampaign

Automation Contact List: All contacts for the selected campaign, including email, automation status, add date, reminder date, last block, last date, and ID.

Campaign List: All campaigns, including ID, type, user ID, source, name, created date, start date, last send date, send amt, total amt, opens, unique opens, clicks, unique clicks, subscriber clicks, forwards, unique forwards, bounces, unsubscribers, unsubreasons, social shares, replies, unique replies, status, track links, link analytics details, survey, recurring, split type, split offset, reminder details, schedule, messages list, etc.

Campaign Report Totals: All result totals for the selected campaign, including type, last send date, status, total amt, send amt, message ID, unique opens, unique link clicks, subscriber clicks, unsubscribes, unique forwards, forwards, updates, total bounces, social shares, etc.

Campaign Report Bounce List: All bounces for the selected campaign, including ID, email, subscriber ID, list, campaign, message, bounce date, type, code, counted reason, etc.

Campaign Report Open Totals: All open results for the selected campaign, including opens, unique opens, total amount, unopens, and average opens.

Campaign Report Unsubscription List: All unsubscribers for the selected campaign, including email, phone, name, subscriber ID, unsub date, time stamp, unsub reason, etc.

Deal Stages: All pipeline stages, including stage ID, title, color, order, and pipeline.

Message Templates: All email message templates, including template ID, name, content, category ID, used, wait preview, preview content, is global, etc.

Example Metrics From ActiveCampaign

  • Hard Bounces vs. Unique Clicks by Campaign
  • Forwards and Replies by Campaign
  • Leads and Conversions by Campaign – Past 6 Months
  • Weekly Email Clicks and Click-Through-Rate – Past 90 Days
  • Daily Subscribes by Campaign – Current MTD
  • Daily Unsubscribes by Campaign – Past 30 Days
  • Monthly Lead Conversions by Deal Stage – Current YTD
  • Email Open Rate by Campaign – Past 30 Days

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