Base CRM

Base CRM is built for optimizing sales processes, from prospecting to closing, allowing salespeople to win more deals with less wasted effort. Together with Grow, you can visualize, analyze, and track your Base CRM data alongside other key metrics, and get actionable insights tailored to your business.

Get More with Grow — Your Base CRM Reporting Tool

  • Gain powerful insights when you add Base CRM to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
  • Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from Base CRM alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
Base CRM dashboard

Carey Grainger
Patronus Medical

“Grow and Base have been great for Patronus Medical. We use Base as our CRM and love it, and Grow has made Base even better for us. Grow allows us to pull our Base data into one single place and relate it to all the other data we have. In today’s day of data-driven decision making, the combination of information with Grow + Base provides valuable, actionable insights.”

Questions You Can Answer With
Base CRM + Grow

What is our lead conversion rate so far this month?

Which reps have closed the most deals over the past 90 days?

What stages of our pipeline have the lowest conversion rate over the last year?

How much total revenue have we closed-won from each lead source so far this year?

Which rep team has closed-won the most revenue this month?

How many new leads have we generated daily over the last 30 days?

Reports and Data Available From Base CRM

Contacts: All contacts, including contact ID, created date, updated date, title, name, description, email, contact and social info, owner ID, is organization, address, industry, tags, customer status, prospect status, additional custom fields, etc.

Deals: All deals, including deal ID, created date, updated date, name, currency, loss reason ID, source, last stage change date, last stage change by, value, stage, contact ID, organization, estimated close date, last activity date, tags, owner name, creator name, last stage, additional custom fields, etc.

Deal Sources: All sources for incoming potentials, including deal source ID, created date, updated date, name, creator ID, and resource type.

Leads: All leads created, including lead ID, owner name, lead name, source name, created date, updated date, contact and social info, title, industry, address, status, creator ID, organization name, tags, creator name, additional custom fields, etc.

Lead Sources: All sources for incoming leads, including lead source ID, created date, updated date, name, creator ID, and resource type.

Orders: All orders, including order ID, deal ID, created date, updated date, and discount.

Stages: All possible deal stages, including stage ID, name, category, position, likelihood, active, pipeline ID, created date, and updated date.

Note: All Base CRM reports can be optionally filtered in Grow to limit the max number of results returned by multiples of 100.

Example Metrics From Base CRM

Base CRM dashboard
  • Daily Leads Created – Last 30 Days
  • Current Total Leads by Pipeline Stage
  • Deals Closed by Rep – Last 90 Days
  • Monthly Total Revenue Closed – Last 12 Months
  • Lead Conversion Rate – Current MTD vs. Last Month
  • Conversion Rate by Pipeline Stage – Last Year
  • Monthly Revenue Closed by Lead Source – Last Six Months
  • Top 10 Reps by Total Deal Value Closed – Current MTD